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What is the ASA?

The Amateur Swimming Association, is the National Governing Body for Swimming in England, the disciplines include: Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Open Water and Synchronised Swimming.
The ASA organises competitions throughout England, establishes the laws of the sport and operates comprehensive certification and education programmes for teachers, coaches and officials as well as its renowned Awards Scheme.

What is the British Gas ASA Learn to Swim Programme?

It is the learn to swim framework’ produced by the National Governing Body for Swimming, the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) to assist and support the delivery of swimming lessons.

It is a single pathway for Swimmers to learn how to be competent and confident in the water.

It is a multi skill programme for swimmers to learn how to swim and be proficient (competent) in water for them to then make the choice to continue to participate in any aquatic sports later on … such as Competitive Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming, Water Polo and Rookie Lifesaving.

What are the Kellogg’s Awards?

Kellogg’s sponsor the ASA Awards Scheme.

What Awards OR Stages are included in the British Gas ASA Learn to Swim Programme?

The NPTS includes Foundation Phase (Adult & Child, ASA Duckling Awards), plus there is an additional phase of Alpha Awards between Foundation and Stage 1 to support adults who may not be very water confident or support for those with a disability.

The Core, FUNdamental Movement skills are Stages 1 – 7.

The Sport Specific Skills are the discipline specific Stages 8 – 10.

The ‘Synergy Cylinder’ diagram included in the NPTS Resources gives a clear overview of the pathways and how to develop the Swimmer’s journey through aquatics.

When does a Swimmer Achieve an Award?

A Swimmer must pass all outcomes for that Stage before they have achieved an Award.
The outcomes must be performed to a standard that is stipulated by the ASA and included in the programme resources.

When does a Swimmer move into the next Group?

This will depend upon your facility.
Normally Swimmers move up to the next group when they have passed a specific Stage.

What happens after a Swimmer has completed ALL Stages? (I.e. achieved Stage 10)

The Facility / Organisation may offer other aquatic sessions that a Swimmer may be interested in.
There may be Clubs who operate in your locality, which may offer activities that Swimmers can then progress into.

How long will it take for my child to pass each Stage?

This will vary with every child.
If a child has the experience of pre-school or adult and child sessions then he / she may move faster initially through Stages 1 & 2 as they will be familiar with the environment and possibly confident in the water.

Why might Swimmers be playing Games instead of swimming widths / lengths?

To learn how to swim, pupils need to master skills that will help them float, breathe and move around in the water.
Through games, swimmers have FUN and learn important skills. If swimmers are having FUN they enjoy what they are doing and often learn faster.

The programme has a multi skills approach so all the skills that are learnt lead to development of a competent and confident swimmer, who is safe and happy in the water.

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