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ASA and Sevenoaks Swimming Club Child Protection Policy recommends that a record be made of the name and address of any spectator who wishes to use photographic equipment ie: video, camera or camera phone to record the activities at a gala.

In line with this recommendation, the promoters of this event require that any person wishing to engage in any photography should register their details with staff at the spectator entry desk before carrying out any such photography.

The promoter reserves the right of entry to this event and reserves the right to decline entry to any person unable to meet or abide by the promoter’s conditions.

The promoters of this event are happy that once a parent/guardian has signed the book that their intention is to photograph their own child. Other competitors’ images nearby may be taken but should not be the main subject of the photo.

A person can object to a parent/guardian taking a photo if they believe their child to be the main subject of the photo. They should bring this to the attention of the promoter or meet organiser.

The club do not wish to stop parents photographing their own children; if they wish, at their ‘moments of glory’ but all clubs have to ensure that they do all they can to safeguard children’s well being.

Help us with Child Protection

We all have a responsibility for child protection. If you are concerned about any photography taking place at this event please contact the promoter or meet organiser who will be pleased to discuss the matter with you

Be Vigilant!

  • Challenge anyone you see acting in a suspicious way or any other unacceptable behaviour.
  • If you do not feel you can speak to the person yourself, then bring it to the attention of pool staff or an official.
  • Don’t leave it to the Gala Officials, they are usually busy with the event and tend to be concentrating on the pool area rather than concerned with the spectators.
  • It is you, the parents/guardians, who get to know other parents/guardians and are more likely to recognise someone who does not ‘belong’.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter

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