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Risk assessment

The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) is an unincorporated association and as such recognises its responsibilities to both its employees and volunteers.

It is the policy of the Amateur Swimming Association to reduce its business risk to the lowest possible level. The Chairman of the ASA Board and the Chief Executive take a personal responsibility for achieving and maintaining the highest standards of health, safety and environmental performance.

The Amateur Swimming Association complies with the Health and Safety of Work Act 1974 in respect of the health, safety and welfare of its employees. The Association also recognises its duty of care under common law in respect of the health, safety and welfare of its affiliated members and volunteers. This policy extends to a number of key activities, summarised below: 

For affiliated members, athletes and volunteers:

  • To provide and communicate guidance to the ASA Regions, Counties and Clubs in relation to their employee obligations and health and safety.
  • Identifying and assessing health and safety risks arising from club activities, providing adequate control measures and reviews accordingly to maintain a safe and healthy club environment.
  • To provide and communicate Health and Safety Laws, Rules and Guidelines for the good governance of the sport, primarily through the ASA Handbook, revised annually.
  • To provide support for training and continuing professional development of all volunteers.
  • To encourage recording and investigating of incidents, accidents and cases of club activity ill health, in order to prevent re-occurrence and become a ‘learning organisation.’ 
  • Reviewing and revising this policy as necessary and at regular intervals and in any case to be reviewed annually by the ASA Board and ASA Council.

The Amateur Swimming Association manages this process through the ASA Board, the ASA Management Team and the Health and Safety Forum. The Amateur Swimming Association is committed to achieving excellence in all of its business functions and accordingly, it expects all its staff and affiliated members, athletes and volunteers to support and co-operate with the Association in meeting its health, safety and environmental policy and legal obligations.

In recent years, in accordance with the Health and Safety Policy Statement the ASA has adopted a pro-active approach to the safety of competitors, officials, teachers and coaches through its own initiatives such as the:

  • Safety Forum consisting of representatives of the various Technical Committees and the Medical Advisory Committee to advise the ASA Board on issues which are related to safety.
  • ASA Safety Laws
  • Discipline specific Prompt Cards for Officials
  • Competitive Start Award
  • Child Protection Policies

... and has also worked with other organisations to produce guidance which will help to ensure that the risks relating to the teaching of swimming and in the various disciplines of the sport are minimised for example:

  • Diving and Jumping in Swimming Pools and Open Water Areas
  • Safe Supervision for Teaching and Coaching Swimming
  • Safety in the Disciplines of Swimming - Risk Assessment
  • Competition Risk Assessment
  • Good Practice Guidelines for Young People and Adults Training and Competing Together in Water Polo
  • The Good Club Guide: For a Swim Meet

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