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Unfortunately, there have been several recent incidents of swimmers' possessions being removed from lockers in the Leisure Centre. In most cases this has been the result of 'horseplay' and the items have been recovered but this can still cause needless distress.

The Club's advice to parents and swimmers is:

  • If you use a locker make sure it is locked and the key is kept in a safe place ie in a bag on the far side of the pool or with a parent.
  • If instead you choose to bring your possessions into the pool area than make sure they are in a bag and place them on the far side of the pool during your session.
  • Everyone is encouraged to keep a close eye on any bags that are left poolside and to report anyone seen interfering with other people's bags to an official.

This kind of incident is taken very seriously by the Club. If it is found that a Sevenoaks Swimming Club member has interfered with possessions belonging to someone else, then action may be taken to expel them from the Club.

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