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The National swim21 Panel approved Sevenoaks Swimming Club for swim21 Essential Accreditation on 11 December 2013.

What is swim21?

swim21 Club is the ASA’s aquatic quality mark for the development of effective, ethical and sustainable ASA affiliated clubs

Every swim21 accredited club provides high quality, safe, effective, child-friendly services for the benefit of their swimmers and non-swimming members. It’s about putting the swimmers first and ensuring young learners follow the pathway the ASA recognises for training and competition.

The swim21 programme enhances club management, strengthens the structures and unites the club with a philosophy and programmes that ensure the best environment is available for our swimmers.

In May 2013, swim21 changed to a three-module system for recognising quality in aquatic clubs:

  • swim21 club Essential is a key module which will support clubs to grow membership, develop volunteers and ensure the sustainability of activity in line with the objective of the club.
  • swim21 club Network is the second of three modules to be launched. The aim of swim21 club Network is to quality assure clubs who work collaboratively to deliver the athlete pathway in their area. It will assist in identifying gaps in provision and opportunities available for clubs to increase and sustain membership.
  • swim21 Performance Environment provides a benchmark for clubs coaching high level athletes, across all 4 disciplines: Diving, Swimming, Synchro, Waterpolo. It is awarded to those clubs who can demonstrate that the pathways, physical environment, coaching practices and support services are all in place for athletes to reach the pinnacle of their aquatic sport, and that the club has historical evidence, to illustrate athletes regularly achieve success through this performance programme.

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