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Penultimate Weekend - Kent County Champs 2018

The penultimate weekend of the Kent County Championships proved to be another huge success with a plethora of medals for swimmers from Sevenoaks SC. Crystal Palace was again the venue for the weekend with the Boys backstroke and freestyle and Girls’ breaststroke and fly being the focus.

In the girls 100m butterfly, the 10/11 heats witnessed super swims from Alyze Gentles, Abigail Saunders, Valentina Groves and Fern Gray. Another event couldn’t finish without the Okaro twins on the podium with Izabella winning Bronze and Eva another Gold with Millie Armstrong, the 3rd of our finalists, swimming well well to finish 6th. Elspeth proved herself a formidable Fly swimmer, repeating her performance of last year by winning Gold in the 13 yrs. Shortly followed by Lillie Chambers and Katie Vowell winning 5th & 8th respectively in the 14 yrs.  

At 15 years old Ellie Vowell, Zoe Naylor-Perrott, Aoife Lauerman made the final with Zoe coming in 4th, Ellie in 5th and Aoife 8th.Finally the 17/over saw Amy finish strongly for 4th place. There were also some great swims from Sarah Williams (16) Laura Wright, & Edith Norton (15) Megan Marter (14) Holli Gushlow, Imogen Stoddart, and Isabelle Mackenzie (13) Rosie Lauerman, Emily Brown, Sami Das & Ella Wood (12).

The boys were focussed on the 200m backstroke where medal success was forthcoming in the 14-year-old category with Louis Hayes and 11 yr old Oliver Dennis securing Gold with Ethan Hunter coming in 4th place in the 16yrs following a gutsy swim. Jonny Vowell (11) pulled out all the stops for 5th place with Caiden Hibbert (13) swimming hard for 6th. Both Tom Creasey (13) and Robert Allen fought hard for 7th places in the age groups. Super times were also posted by Chris Lee, Aiden McMillan, Ollie Coote, Ben Strebel, Euan Terry, & Macauley Johnston in their respective age groups.

In the second session of the day it was the turn of the boys 100m backstroke and kicking off the medals again was Oliver Dennis (11) and Louis Hayes (14) both storming to their Gold medal positions. Back fighting out for places in the 10/11 yrs were Devon Tannock and Jonny Vowell with the former gaining 5th and the latter 6th. 16 yr old Ethan Hunter bagged another 4th place with Zac Raymond (14) finishing in 5th. Robert Allen and Caiden Hibbert finished the boy’s success with an 8th place a piece. There were some fabulous swims in the heats from Macauley Johnston (12), Tom Creasey, Noah Enticknap & Jaedon Lynch (13), Ben Strebel, Euan Terry & Jacob Hudson (14) Aiden McMillan & Eddie Hamond (15), Ben Channon (16) and Chris Lee (17)

In the final event of the Saturday the girls participated in the gruelling 200m butterfly. Top swim of the day in this event went to Elspeth Watson (13) who once again secured another Gold medal. Tiny Valentina Groves (11) grew in stature to bag a magnificent Bronze with Holli Gushlow (13) storming to 4th. Aoife Lauerman and Amy Farthing (17) finished in 6th with Lillie Chambers (14) in 7TH.




Sunday at a packed Palace again saw an abundance of excellent swims and times posted by the team from Sevenoaks.

Racing in the 200m freestyle, the boys were determined not to be outdone by their female teammates.

Ellis Stanhope (16) and Louis Hayes (14) were back on the podium securing a Gold medal a piece  with Oliver Dennis (11), Noah Enticknap (13), Euan Terry (14) & Aiden McMillan (15) all securing fine 4th places. Eddie Hammond (15) & Ben Strebel (14) pushed hard for 6th places and Zac Raymond & Christopher Lee swam well to grab 7th. Caiden Hibbert, Tom Creasey, Thiago Gentles, Macauley Johnston, Ben Channon and Teddy Wallace also swam well in their respective age groups.

The girls 100m breaststroke saw stunning performances from the Sevenoaks girls with Medals won in every age group:  Alyze Gentle (11), Eva Okaro (12), Imogen Stoddart (13) and Maddie Glen (15) were crowned Kent Champions and Gold medallists. There were two Bronze medallists in the form of Abigail Saunders (11) and Emily Brown (12) while Kara Dimond (13) finished in 4th place. Ellie Vowell (15) and Izabella Okaro were more medallists managing great 5th places with Jessica Harmer (11) Martha Roberts (12) Holli Gushlow (13) Megan Marter (14) and Sarah Williams (16) all finishing in 6th place. Finally, in the 17/over Amy Farthing added to her medal tally coming home in 7th.  Great swims in the heats came from Poppy Holmes (16), Olivia Chapman & Issy Tyler (15), Katie Vowell, Kitty Fisher, Millie Childs Eleanor Allen and Ruby Jarrett (14), Elspeth Watson & Betty Simpson (13) Daisy McMillan, Sami Das & Millie Armstrong (12) and finally Fern Gray and Amelia Tovey (11).

The afternoon session was again awash with excellent swimming, times and effort from the Sevenoaks competitors.

The boy’s 100m freestyle final event in the 14 yrs saw 3 Sevenoaks swimmers make the final, Hayes & Strebel coming 1st & 5th respectively with a great effort also being made by Zac Raymond coming 7th. Ellis Stanhope stormed home to a fine Silver in the 16 yrs with Oliver Dennis (11) & Joseph Box (12) finishing well for 5th places. Tom Creasey and Jaedon Lynch battled it out in the 13 yrs with Creasey finishing in 6th and Lynch in 7th. Eddie Hammond was the only 15yr old finalist and swam well for 6th place.

In the heats Jonny Vowell, Macaulay Johnston, Seamus Hamilton, Caiden Hibbert, Thiago Gentles, Jacob Hudson, Dillon Bentley & Euan Terry all swam well along with Aiden McMillan, Oscar Wilson, Ollie Coote, Edward Wallace, Ben Channon and Chris Lee.


Final races of the day saw the girls back in the pool for the punishing 200 breast, arguably the toughest race, not that it bothered the girls… Eva was back on the podium joined by Holli Gushlow (13) to collect their Gold medals joined by Abigail Saunders (11) and Sarah Williams (16) both winning fantastic Silvers. Maddie Glen and Imogen Stoddart stormed home for their Bronze medals and Amy finished in 4th. Izabella Okaro added more medals to her growing collection by finishing in 5th, a feat replicated by Alyze Gentles. Both Katie Vowell and Kara Dimond swam strong races for 6th and 7th respectively and Martha Roberts (12) showed her strength for an 8th place.

Great Pb’s and strong swims were also produced in the heats by Daisy McMillan, Millie Armstrong, Emily Brown, Elspeth Watson, Betty Simpson, Megan Marter, Millie Childs, Eleanor Allen and Issy Tyler… Well done girls!

The final medal tally at the end of the weekend saw Sevenoaks’ superb swimmers win 16 Golds, 3 Silver, 6 Bronze and an astonishing 53 finalist medals!

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