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2019 South East Regional Championships - entry payments now due

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Monday, 29 April 2019 00:00
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Entry payments are now due.  Please ensure payment is made by Friday 3rd May 7pm latest.  NO LATE PAYMENTS PLEASE



Accepted entries



Confirmed arrangements for the 2019 Region Championships

3rd-6th May
11th/12th May
25th/26th May
Wycombe Leisure Centre (50m) K2 Crawley (50m) K2 Crawly (50m)
15/Over Competition
All Team Events
Multi-Classification Events

14/Under Competition


14/Under Competition


Closing date for entries
20:00 on Tues 23rd April
Closing date for entries
20:00 on Tues 23rd April
Closing date for entries
20:00 on Tues 23rd April



Base and Automatic Times

Provisional base and automatic qualifying times are now available. Please report any anomalies to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The following principles have been used to set qualifying times.

  1. Based on entries received in 2018
  2. Automatic times set to accept 55% of target number. No automatic time to be faster than the slowest swimmer accepted for the Swim England Summer Meet in 2018.
  3. Base times set to include 120% of target number. [Some swimmers who achieve the base time will not be accepted].
  4. No swimmer will be accepted with a time slower than a rejected swimmer in a younger age group

All times must be set in a level 1, 2 or 3 meet no earlier than 1st June 2018. (5th May 2018 for multi-classification entries.)

Number of Swimmers Per Event

All swimmers who have achieved the automatic qualifying time shall be accepted for that event. If there is space available, swimmers who have not achieved the automatic qualifying time but have achieved the base time may be accepted. Those swimmers who are closest to the automatic time shall be accepted first. The number of additional swimmers that can be accepted will be determined on an event by event basis. The target number of swimmers for each event is as follows.


Boys/Men 15 Years 16 Years 17 Years 18 & Over
50m 18 18 18 18
100m 13 13 13 13
200m 13 13 13 13
400m 9 9 9 9
800m 8 8 8 8
1500m 8 8 8 8

There are different QTs for 17 Years and 18/Over to ensure that any swimmer with a realistic chance of qualifying for the British Championships or the Swim England Summer Meet can swim. These swimmers will compete together in the 17/Over age group in the Region Championships.

Girls/Ladies 15 Years 16 Years 17 & Over
50m 24 24 24
100m 17 17 17
200m 17 17 17
400m 12 12 12
800m 12 12 12
1500m 10 10 10

Because girls mature earlier, there is no need for different QTs for 18/Over.





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