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Kent County Champs

Kent County Champs

Full results and news from the Kent County Championships.

The fourth and final weekend of the Kent County Championships 2019 culminated in Sevenoaks Swimming Club amassing 9 gold, 7 silver, 7 bronze and 46 finalist medals from their 130 qualified entries. This medal count resulted in the Club taking away 33 gold, 29 silver and 51 bronze and 197 finalist medals from the whole Championships. This great success and strength in depth, with more qualifiers and more finalists than any other Club placed Sevenoaks at the top of the points table for both men and women.

The final weekend at Crystal Palace kicked off with the women’s 100m breaststroke with an incredible 25 swimmers competing. Kara Dimond stormed home to a gold medal in the 14 years age group with Eva Okaro also achieving gold in the 13 years category, Emily Brown also 13yrs attained a well-deserved bronze. Madeleine Glen swam strong to secure a silver in the 16 years age group and followed up with another great swim later on in the day to win another silver in the 200m Breaststroke – as did Eva Okaro. In the 200m Breaststroke Kara Dimond managed a Silver and her teammate Holli Gushlow was hot on her heels with a bronze.

The men’s 100 backstroke saw Devon Tannock add to his tally of medals with his first gold of the Championships in the 10/11 age group. Next up came the men’s 200 backstroke with Louis Hayes not only securing a 1st place in his age group, but also winning the U/16 Junior Cup. Hayes too won gold in the 100m event.

The swimmers showed their resilience on the final day of the championships, starting with some fantastic swims in the women’s 100 butterfly; silver for Alyze Gentles (12yrs) and gold for Eva Okaro (13yrs).

The men’s 200 freestyle saw another great swim from Devon Tannock (10/11yrs) achieving bronze, a gold for Louis Hayes (15yrs), a silver for Zachary Raymond (15 years) and a bronze for Christopher Lee (17yrs). Tannock won another bronze later in the 100m event too. Meanwhile the 15 year olds dominated the podium in the same event with Louis Hayes, Euan Terry and Zachary Raymond securing an amazing gold, silver and bronze respectively.

The women finished the Championships off with the gruelling 200m butterfly. An exceptional swim from Ruth Godfrey (10/11) resulted in a first-medal win with a well-deserved bronze. The final medal of the day came from Elspeth Watson (14yrs) who battled hard to win gold in her age group.

What an exceptional effort from all swimmers and coaches which provided a plethora of medals and personal bests throughout the 4 weekends!!

Congratulations go to the following swimmers who placed among the top 8 finalists in their age groups: Abigail Saunders, Amelia Childs, Aoife Lauerman, Demi Alli, Edison Hammond, Edith Norton, Eleanor Allen, Ella Wood, Ellie Vowell, Evie Armstrong, Imogen Stoddart, Izabella Okaro, Jasmine Wallace, Jonathan Vowell, Lilia Fornasier, Lilie Chambers, Martha Roberts, Nathaniel Rodrigues, Noah Enticknap, Oscar Wilson, Robert Allen, Sarah Williams, Thomas Creasey, Toby Burke and Zoe Naylor-Perrott.

Congratulations to all swimmers who qualified to compete over the weekend: Amelia Tovey, Benjamin Strebel, Benjamin Watson, Betty Simpson, Caiden Hibbert, Daisy McMillan, Dillon Bentley, Evie Armstrong, Fern Gray, Imogen Stoddart, Iris Whitlock, Isabel Tyler, Isla Murphy, Jacob Crombie, Jacob Hudson, Jaedon Lynch, James Fry, Kezia Osborne-Walker, Laura Wright, Macauley Johnston, Martha Roberts, Megan Marter, Millie Armstrong, Oliver Coote, Ptolemy Mangat, Rosie Lauerman, Ruby Jarrett, Samriddhi Das, Seamus Hamilton, Thomas Johnston, Torsten Mangat, Vivien Rooney and Zachary Howard.

The Club are now hard at work preparing for the upcoming regional-qualifier meets and the National Arena B Final in Cardiff.


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The third weekend of the 2019 Kent Championships continued to bring great success for Sevenoaks Swimming Club at Crystal Palace. Over the course of the weekend the Club amassed a total of 8 gold, 10 silver, 13 bronze and 52 finalist medals from their 182 heat swims. The Club currently sit atop of the points table with one weekend to go.

The boys opened the weekend with the 100m Butterfly, with Devon Tannock driving home to a bronze medal in the 10/11 year category. Louis Hayes and Euan Terry placed top two in the 15 years final, with Hayes also delivering the Junior U/16 Trophy. Aiden McMillan continued his fine form with a gold in the 16 years category and repeated the same placing later in the 200m Butterfly, securing the U16 trophy in the process. Louis Hayes secured 1st place (joint) in the 200m with Euan Terry again mounting the podium with his teammate in 3rd place. 

The ladies opened their account in the iconic 200m Freestyle with Alyze Gentles finishing in 3rd place in the 12 years age group whilst Eva Okaro stormed to victory in the 13 years category for both the 200 and 100m Freestyles while Zoe Naylor-Perrot battled for a fantastic bronze in the 100 Freestyle. Alyze Gentles finished one place higher to win a silver medal in the 100m Freestyle final later on in the day, with Lilie Chambers joining the medallists with a bronze in the 15 years final.

Devon Tannock achieved his first silver medal the next day in the boys 100m Breaststroke 10/11 years category and Demi Alli joined with the same placing by in the 12 years final. Jacob Hudson and Louis Hayes shared the podium for the 15 years category once again with a gold and bronze medal respectively, whilst training partner Oliver Coote secured a superb bronze in the 16 years final. The 200m Breaststroke also bore fruit for the boys with William Jarrett finishing strong to win silver in the 13 years, Jaedon Lynch bronze in the 14 years, Jacob Hudson silver in the 15 years, Oliver Coote silver in the 16 years and Club Captain George Tyler attaining bronze in the 17+ final.

Eva Okaro and Millie Armstrong opened the ladies account on Sunday with a 2nd and 3rd place finish in the 13 years age group for the 200m Backstroke and both made the podium in the exact same positions later in the 100m Backstroke. Izabella Okaro attained her first gold medal of the Championships in the 13 years final, meaning once again that the podium was dominated by Sevenoaks swimmers. Amelia Childs continued her rich vein of form in the 15 years age group, winning silver in the 200m and bronze in the 100m backstroke. Jasmine Wallace returned home with 2 medals on Sunday too with bronze in both the 100m and 200m events. This is following an astounding performance when Jasmine brought home gold in the 1500 freestyle the previous weekend. In addition Lilie Chambers put in a superb effort bringing home the Bronze also for the 1500 Freestyle.

The following swimmers also placed amongst the top 8 in the finals: Benjamin Strebel, Zachary Raymond, Oscar Wilson, Samriddhi Das, Elspeth Watson, Edith Norton, Amelia Lodge, Madeleine Glen, Emma Evans-Wilson, Jacob Crombie, Toby Burke, Sam Martin-Young, Seamus Hamilton, Albert Whitlock, Noah Enticknap, Thomas Creasey, Emily Brown, Katie Vowell, Ella Wood, Isla Murphy, Toby Burke and Seamus Hamilton.

Congratulations too to the following swimmers who qualified and swam over the weekend: Boris Argirov, Maxwell Haslam, Jonathan Vowell, Macauley Johnston, Max Cooper, Caiden Hibbert, Dillon Bentley, Edison Hammond, Torsten Mangat, Ruth Godfrey, Fern Gray, Abigail Saunders, Daisy McMillan, Caitlin O’Sullivan, Amelia Tovey, Daisy Widdowson, Ruby Jarrett, Aoife Lauerman, Martin Argirov, George Rehbein, Zachary Loder, Zachary Howard, Ethan Martin, Thiago Gentles, Dominic Percy, Valentina Groves, Charlotte Prideaux, Martha Roberts, Evelyn Martin, Eleanor Allen, Thomas Johnston, Lilia Fornasier, Laura Wright and Noah Saunders.


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The second weekend of the Kent County Swimming Championship 2019 kicked off at Crystal Palace on Saturday 26th January with the Girls 400m IM. 


The ladies stepped up in this tough event with Alyze Gentles (U12) winning bronze, Elspeth Watson (U14) clinching a silver and Eva Okaro storming through in the 13years age group to win Gold. 

Next came the Boys 400m Free where Aiden McMillan, U16, added to his medal tally with a powerful swim to secure bronze. The ladies followed suit too and didn't shy away either in the 400m Free, with Jasmine Wallace (U16), Amelia Childs (U15) and Alyze Gentle (U12) all returning home with bronze medals.

The boys finished proceedings on the Saturday in the 400IM, with Aiden McMillan and Oscar Wilson, both U16, winning gold and bronze respectively. 

Louis Hayes, U15, also brought home gold, but also secured two hands onto the U16 400IM Junior Cup.


Day 2 of the Second weekend brought on more strong swims and personal bests. 

Kicking off with the 200m IM sprint, our U13 girls Eva and Izabella Okaro brought home gold and bronze respectively. Amelia Childs powered through to deliver a bronze in the U15 age group. 

Devon Tannock set the boys off in the 200m IM too by winning a sturdy bronze. Jake Hudson (U15) stormed through on all four strokes to win bronze whilst teammate Louis Hayes duplicated his performance from the day before to bring home Gold and the U16 200IM Junior Cup.


Our Dynamic duo Jasmine Wallace U16 and Lilie Chambers U15 swam strong and brought home Gold and Bronze respectively in the long distance 1500m.Hard work bears fruit, with coaching and support on all levels assisting in stunning results at the end of the first 2 weekends with swimmers of Sevenoaks Swimming Club amassing a collective total of : 

6 U16 Junior Cups,  16 Golds, 12 Silvers, 30 Bronzes, 99 (Top 8) Final Swims and 337 Heat Swims.  No small achievement for any club!

Two more weekends of fast racing to go with the Kent County Swimming Championships 2019 concluding on the 10th of Feb.


 Here is a list of Club qualifiers who also competed over the weekend :

400IM Qualifiers: Sarah Williams, Eleanor Allen, Holli Gushlow, Emily Brown, Samriddhi Das, Millie Armstrong, Macaulay Johnston, Robert Allen, Euan Terry, Jacob Hudson, Benjamin Strebel


400Free Qualifiers: Toby Burke, Jacob Crombie, Thomas Johnston, Macauley Johnston, Thomas Johnston, Noah Enticknap, Dillon Bentley, Jacob Hudson, Benjamin Strebel, Euan Terry, Ruth Godfrey, Eva Okaro, Izabella Okaro, Daisy McMillan, Millie Armstrong, Elspeth Watson, Holli Gushlow, Lilie Chambers, Madeleine Glen, Amelia Lodge, Edith Norton, Emma Evans-Wilson


200IM: Abigail Saunders, Fern Grey, Alyze Gentles, Lilia Fornasier, Emily Brown, Martha Roberts, Millie Armstrong, Samriddhi Das, Holli Gushlow, Katie Vowell, Megan Marter, Madeleine Glen, Aoife Lauerman, Sarah Williams, Zachary Raymond, Thomas Creasey, Jaedon Lynch, Toby Burke, Jonathan Vowell, William Jarrett, Zach Howard, Seamus Hamilton, Macauley Johnston, Robert Allen, Edison Hammond, Oliver Coote, Oscar Wilson


Girls 1500Free: Daisy McMillan

Boys 800Free: Euan Terry, Noah Enticknap


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Sevenoaks Swimming Club stormed through the opening weekend of the Kent County Championships 2019 at the London Aquatic Centre, home of the 2012 Olympics. The weekend combined the gruelling Men’s 1500m & Women’s 800m Freestyle events as well as the 50m sprints in the Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. Qualifying times for this event are tougher than any other county, such is the depth of talent in Kent across all ages. Over the 4 weekends of the 2019 championships, Sevenoaks SC can boast 104 qualifiers across all age groups. At the end of the first weekend of racing, the club sits at the top of the points table with an astonishing 10 gold, 11 silver and 19 bronze medals as well as an additional 63 finalists’ medals from the 255 qualified heat swims. An incredible 40% of heat swimmers had gained qualification into the finals – qualifying as the best 8 swimmers in Kent!


Following the heat swims in the 50m backstroke on Day 1, Eva Okaro started her championships with a victory in the 13 yr girls 50m Backstroke - 3 other Sevenoaks swimmers also qualifying for the final.  Amelia Childs achieved a strong 2nd place in the 15 yr finals. In the finals of the 50m freestyle, Alyze Gentles took a well deserved silver medal in the 12yrs, whilst there was a clean sweep in the 13yrs with Eva Okaro in 1st, Isabella Okaro in 2nd and Samriddhi Das in 3rd. Finally in the 16yrs age group, and after a week of GCSE mocks, Zoë Naylor-Perrott finished strongly to claim the bronze. In the 50m butterfly, Louis Hayes and Aiden McMillan both stormed to victory in their respective 15 & 16 yrs finals, with McMillan also claiming the 16/u Junior Shield. In the 10/11 yrs final, Devon Tannock secured a gutsy bronze. In the next boys events, the 50m Breaststroke, Devon secured another bronze medal whilst in the 12 yr category Demi Alli stepped up to take a well deserved gold. In the 13yrs final, Sam Martin-Young secured a fantastic silver medal whilst in the 15 yrs age group, Louis Hayes climbed the podium again, this time taking silver and was joined by team mate Jacob Hudson who finished 3rd after a nail-biting finale. Oliver Coote won a spectacular bronze medal in the 16yr old also having raced after a gruelling week of mocks! The loudest roar of the first day came after club captain George Tyler secured a well-deserved and surprising bronze medal in the 17 and over category.



Alyze Gentles (12yrs) led the way for the Sevenoaks ladies on Sunday morning in the 800m Freestyle, one of 7 competitors who all achieved long course personal best times, winning a strong bronze medal. Two more medals were to come from this event with Lilie Chambers taking bronze (15 yrs) and Jasmine Wallace (16yrs) earning silver. The boys followed with the 50m backstroke. Devon Tannock continued his fine form achieving another bronze medal and inspired club mates Joseph Box and Christopher Lee to do likewise, winning thoroughly deserved bronze medals in the 13yrs and 17+ age groups respectively. Jaedon Lynch (14 yrs), inspired by Tyler’s exploits the day before, battled from an outside lane (ranked 8th) to deliver an astonishing bronze medal that portrayed amazing competitive race spirit and instinct. Louis Hayes (15 yrs) continued his medal winning streak by storming to victory not only in his age category but by claiming the Junior shield for the fastest swim by a 16/under competitor in Kent.


The girls 50m butterfly finals followed. Evie Armstrong, competing at her first Kent Championships like to a stunning bronze in the 10/11-year final. Alyze Gentles (12 yrs) finished her successful weekend with another well deserved medal, finishing 2nd, whilst twin sisters Eva and Izabella Okaro (13yrs) shared the podium with a stunning gold and bronze respectively. Lilie Chambers (15yrs) collected her second medal of the weekend after an exquisite swim to earn silver, followed by Ellie Vowell’s (16 yrs) securing a well deserved bronze in the 16-year category.


The girls completed the weekend with the finals of the 50m breaststroke. Eva Okaro (13 yrs) finished her amazing weekend with her 4th consecutive gold, this time sharing the podium with first time medallist Martha Roberts who fought to a thoroughly deserved bronze medal. In a highly competitive final Kara Dimond (14 yrs) won a fantastic silver medal whilst Ellie Vowell (16 years) jumped on the podium again securing a silver medal, one place behind team mate Maddy Glen who won a well deserved gold. In the final boys event of the weekend, the 50m freestyle, Devon Tannock (10/11) claimed yet another medal to secure 3rd place, whilst Jaedon Lynch repeated his achievement from earlier by producing a phenomenal swim to move from a ranking of 8th to winning silver! Louis Hayes completed his weekend with yet another powerful swim, claiming gold in the 15 yrs final.  Finally, Nathaniel Rodrigues (17 +) rounded off the day with a thoroughly deserved bronze medal and in so doing, achieved the qualification time for the British Championships to be held in Glasgow in April.


The amount of personal best times and spectacular swims are too many to mention from the opening weekend for Sevenoaks Swimming Club. The following swimmers are deserving of mention, having qualified for at least one final over the weekend, winning a place medal (4-8th):-

Girls 50m backstroke: Lilia Formasier, Alyce Gentles, Samriddhi Das, Millie Armstrong, Isabella Okaro, Ella Wood, Imogen Stoddart, Lillie Chambers, Daisy Widdowson, Jasmine Wallace, Zoë Naylor-Perrott, Ellie Vowell.

Boys 50m Butterfly: Toby Burke, (and 50m backstroke) Jacob Crombie, Demi Alli, Jaedon Lynch, Thomas Creasey,

Boys 50m breaststroke: Albert Whitlock, Seamus Hamilton, Jaedon Lynch, Noah Enticknapp, Oscar Wilson, Dominic Percy,

Girls 50m freestyle: Ella Wood, Lilie Chambers, Amelia Childs, Madeleine Glen,Edith Norton, Ellie Vowell

Girls 50m butterfly: Fern Gray, Vivien Rooney, Amelia Tovey, Millie Armstrong, Samriddhi Das, Ella Wood, Imogen Stoddart, Zoë Naylor-Perrott

Girls 50m breaststroke: Emily Brown, Imogen Stoddart, Eleanor Allen, Megan Marter, Ruby Jarrett, Jasmine Wallace, Olivia Chapman

Boys  50m freestyle: Demi Alli, Aiden McMillan, Eddie Hammond


Finally, recognition to those who qualified and swam over the first weekend: Abigail Saunders, Anjola Pratt, Aoife Lauerman, Ben Strebel, Ben Watson, Betty Simpson, Boris Argirov, Caiden Hibbert, Caitlin O’Sullivan, Charlotte Dormiuex, Charlotte Prideaux, Daisy McMillan, Dillon Bentley, Emma Evans-Wilson, Ethan Martin, Evelyn Martin, Freya Ashdown, George Rehbein, Holli Gushlow, Iris Whitlock, Isabel Tyler, Isla Murphy, James Fry, Jonathan Vowell, Joseph Strebel, Joshua Crombie, Katie Vowell, Laura Wright, Macauley Johnston, Martin Argirov, Maxwell Haslam, Ptolemy Mangat, Robert Allen, Rosie Deacon, Ruby Jarrett, Ruth Godfrey, Sarah Williams, Thiago Gentles, Thomas Johnston, Torsten Mangat, William Jarrett, Zachary Howard and Zachary Raymond.


Click HERE for a selection of photos from this year's competition

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