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Kent Junior League

News from the Kent Junior League.

The third and final round of the Kent Junior League took place on the evening of Saturday the 16th of November 2019.

Led by coaches Vince Norris and Alex Reed, Sevenoaks A swam at Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre, hosted by Monson Swimming Cub.

Sevenoaks B, led by coaches Jo King and Tom Jacques, were hosted by Beckenham Swimming Club at Beckenham Spa.


It was a fantastic evening of swimming, with lots of loud support in the packed stands. As our talented swimmers in the 13 and under age group competed at this fantastic event for the final time, it was great to see some of our younger swimmers step up in the competitive environment.

Eva Okaro kicked off the event for the A team with an effortless performance, achieving a 1st place in the 13/u 200 Individual Medley and the 13/u 100m Butterfly.

An equally impressive performance followed with Izabella Okaro, securing 1st place in the 13/u 100m Freestyle.

More vital 1st place points secured with outstanding swims from Lili-Marie Derry in the 13/u 100m Backstroke and Demi Ali in the boys 12/u 100m Butterfly.


Great team spirit was evident in the relays with a number of top 3 finishes. 1st place wins in the following events:

Girls 13/u 4x50 Medley & 4x50 Freestyle– Izabella Okaro, Eva Okaro, Samriddhi Das, Lily-Marie Derry

Boys 12/u 4x50 Freestyle –Demi Ali, Lucas Maule, Joseph Strebel, Devon Tannock


A great effort by the B team saw numerous top 3 places and valuable points.

In the individual events, sisters Evie and Millie Armstrong both secured 1st places with excellent performances in the 11/u 50m Butterfly and the 13/u 100m Backstroke respectively. Martha Roberts powered through to win 6 points in the 13/u 100m Breaststroke.


The relay teams looked strong on the night with fantastic swims across all age groups. 1st places achieved in the following events:

Girls 11/u 4x50 Freestyle & Medley – Summer Holland, Sophia Bentley, Iris Whitlock, Evie Armstrong

Girls 13/u 4x50 Medley & Freestyle – Millie Armstrong, Martha Roberts, Anjola Pratt, Emily Brown


At the end of the 3 rounds the B Team finished 12th (seeded 12th) and the A team came 3rd (seeded 4th). Coach Vince Norris commented, “There were some impressive performances with very good skills across the board. A big thanks go to all the parents who helped poolside either as marshals or officials.”


Final results after 3 rounds:

Team A

1 Thanet 223 points

2 RTW monson 194.5

3 Sevenoaks 189

4 Bromley 181.50

5 Beckenham169

6 Greenwich Royals 108


Team B

1 Black Lion 214.5

2 Bexley 204

3 Maidstone 175

4 Dover 167.5

5 Orpington 152

6 Sevenoaks B 143


Team A: Seamus Hamilton, Imogen Smith, Evie Mann, Flora Gal, Isabel Pennington Legh, Torin Smith, Aaron Green, Freddie Martin-Young, Thomas Ellershaw, Fern Gray, Alyze Gentles, Amelia Tovey, Abigail Saunders, Caitlin O’Sullivan, Caitlin Semple, Lilia Fornaisier, Ruth Godfrey, Jacob Crombie, Toby Burke, Xavier Hards, Sam Martin-Young, William Jarrett, Imogen Myles,.

Team B: Albert Whitlock, Dakota Lynch, Isabel Froud, Emily Stone, Amelia Ashton, Ethan Green, Sebastian Taylor, Vincent Bakunowicz, Oliver Gunn, Mia Bakunowicz, Caitlin Miller, Maisie Chambers, Alice Stone, Ptolomy Mangat, George Rehbein, Jonathan Vowell, Thomas Johnston, Nathan Southwell, Anthoney Parsons, Peter Clews, Maxwell Haslam, Macaulay Johnston, Max Cooper, Ethan Martin, Leo Grant, Ethan Green.

Both A and B teams swam at Sevenoaks Leisure Centre on Saturday 7th of September 2019.

The A team was led by coach Vince Norris and the B team led by coach Lewis Roberts

Fantastic home support saw a number of first places for the A team (listed below). They won the second round with a total of 235 points which puts them in a great position going into the final round to be held on Saturday 16th of November.


First Place results:


13/U 200IM

Eva Okaro


12/uU4x50m Medley relay

Fern Gray

Abigail Saunders

Amelia Tovey

Alyze Gentles


13/U Girls 4 x 50m Medley relay

Millie Armstrong

Lilly-Marie Derry

Eva Okaro

Izaella Okaro


11/U Boys 50m Breaststroke

Jacob Crombie


13/U Girls 100m Freestyle

Isabella Okaro


12/U Boys 100m Breaststroke

Demi Ali


11/U 50m freestyle

Ruth Godfrey


13/U 100m Fly

Eva Okaro


12/u 100 Freestyle

Amelia Tovey


10/U 50 Breaststroke

Aaron Green


13/U Girls 100m Backstroke

Lilly-Marie Derry


12/u 100 Fly

Demi Ali


13/U Girls 100m Breaststroke

Lilly-Marie Derry


12/U Girls Freestyle 4 x 50m relay

Alyze Gentles

Amelia Tovey

Abigail Saunders

Fern Gray


13/U Freestyle 4 x50m relay

Lilly-Marie Derry

Eva Okaro

Izabella Okaro

Millie Armstrong


Also representing the A Team were...

Seamus Hamilton, Isabel Pennington Leigh, Evie Mann, Imogen Smith, Amelia Ashton, Torin Smith, Freddie Martin-Young, Thomas Ellershaw, Devon Tannock, Tom Johnston, Joseph Strebel, Caitlin O’Sullivan, Lilia Fornaisier, Evie Armstrong, Toby Burke, Maxwell Haslam, Ben Watson, Sam Martin Young, William Jarrett, Iris Whitlock, Imogen Smith.


Representing the B Team:

Martha Roberts, Zach Howard, Isabella Lang, Imogen Myles, Emily Stone, Emily Newton, Ethan Green, Patrick Murphy, Leo Grant, Theo Loder, Mia Bakunowicz, Kezia Osbourne-Walker, Maisie Chambers, Ptolomy Mangat, Zach Loder, George Rehbein, Harry Barden, Isabelle Stoddart, Sophia Bentley, Caitlin Semple, Lilian De Bruin, Xavier Hards, Peter Clews, Hugo Schwemm, Isla Murphy, Daisy McMillan, Ella Wood, Albert Whitlock, Macaulay Johnston, Max Cooper, Isabel Slowinski, Vincent Bakunowicz, Samriddhi Das.

The KJL got off to a good start at the beginning of June with great swims from both A and B team members.

The A team led by coach Vince Norris swam st Maidstone and the B team led by coach Jack Agirov were at their home pool in Sevenoaks.


These swimmers won some valuable points for Sevenoaks by achieving first place in the following events...


13/U Girls 4 x 50m Medley relay & 13/U Girls Freestyle 4 x 50m relay Millie Armstrong Martha Roberts Samriddhi Das Daisy McMillan

11/U Boys 50m Breaststroke  - Jacob Crombie

12/U Boys 100m Breaststroke - Demi Ali

10/U Boys 50m Breaststroke - Aaron Green

13/U Girls 100m Backstroke - Millie Armstrong

13/U Girls 100m Breaststroke - Martha Roberts

12/U Girls Freestyle 4 x 50m relay - Alyze Gentles, Amelia Tovey, Abigail Saunders, Fern Gray


Also representing the A team were...

Macauley Johnston, Dakota Lynch, Imogen Smith, Amelia Ashton, Isabel Pennington Leigh, Torin Smith, Aaron Green, Freddie Martin Young, Thomas Ellershaw, Ptolemy Mangat, Tom Johnston, Joseph Strebel, Caitlin O’Sullivan, Lillia Fornaisier, Iris Whitlock, Evie Armstrong, Jacob Crombie, Toby Burke, Xavier Hards, Maxwell Haslam, Sam Martin Young, Ben Watson & Max Cooper.


Representing the B team were....

Anjola Pratt, Joshua Crombie, Imogen Brand, Tallulah Parkinson, Emily Stone, Isla Norton, Ethan Green, Matthew Trenter, Lucian Hayes, Lucas Bowen, Charlotte Wright, Amelie Thompson, Maisie Chambers, Isabelle Stoddart, Thomas Holness, George Rehbein, Henry Prickett, Ethan Hudson, Anabel Nung, Sophie Bentley, Logan Hibbert, Patrick Murphy, Peter Clews, Oliver Bowen, Cara Singleterry, Rosie Lauerman, Ella Wood, Rosie Deacon, James Ellershaw, Josh Wood, Tate Pitchie-Cooper & Caitlin Miller.


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