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Kent Junior League

News from the Kent Junior League.

Sevenoaks Swimming A team competed in the third and final round of the Kent Junior League at Beckenham Spa with an expectation of defending the league title.  The final round was seeded with the top six clubs based on results from previous rounds.   Opponents were Thanet, Bromley, Beckenham, Royal Tunbridge Wells Monson and Black Lion.

The results were Beckenham 229, Sevenoaks 223, Bromley 194, Thanet 173, RTW Monson 159, Black Lion 82.

Having conceded second place to Beckenham in round three, the league table showed a tie for first position between Beckenham and Sevenoaks.  The deciding factor for the trophy winner was therefore the gala points in round three, which gave Beckenham the trophy this year.


“A” team as follows..

Freya Ashdown, Iris Whitlock, Vivien Rooney, Ruth Godfrey

Fern Gray, Abigail Saunders,Amelia Tovey, Alyze Gentles

Izabella Okaro, Eva Okaro,Emily Brown, Samriddhi Das

Kara Dimond, Imogen Stoddart, Elspeth Watson


Devon Tannock, Jacob Crombie, Maxwell Haslam, Xavier Hards

Ptolemy Mangat, George Rehbein, Jonathan Vowell, Thomas Johnston

Ben Watson, Seamus Hamilton, William Jarrett, Joseph Box, Albert Whitlock

Caiden Hibbert, Jaedon Lynch, Noah Enticknap Tom Creasey


Meanwhile, the B team took on the second tier clubs in the premier division.   They managed to hold onto their seeded position of second place.

Results were Maidstone 213, Sevenoaks B 196, Greenwich Royals 195, Bexley 178, Saxon Crown 163 and Shepway 103.


“B” team as follows…

Caitlin O’Sullivan, Amelie ThompsonEvie Armstrong, Caitlyn Semple Sophie Craig

Mia BakunowiczValentina Groves Maisie Chambers

Millie Armstrong, Isla Murphy, Martha RobertsRosie DeaconElla Wood

Holli Gushlow, Evie Martin 


Boris Argirov, Hugo Schwemm, Freddie Martin-Young, Aaron  Green

Martin Argirov,  Joseph Strebel, Louis Humphrey

Macaulay Johnston, Zachary Howard, Sam Martin-Young, Ethan Martin

Thiago GentlesEdward Holness


To come second overall in Kent with such a young team is a huge achievement. Coach Vince Norris reiterated how proud he is of the swimmers in both teams with fantastic individual and team performances throughout the three rounds.

After a successful first round earlier this year in June, Sevenoaks Swimming Club 13 years and under teams were ever ready for round two of the Kent Junior League. On Saturday 8th September, the club fielded two teams in the top division of the league with the A team seeded first and the B team seeded 7thafter the first round results. 

Division one competitions are split across two galas – the A team travelled to Gillingham whilst the B team went to Margate.

The A team competed against Bromley, Black Lion, Greenwich Royals, Saxon Crown and Bexley Swimming Clubs. It was a nail biting evening with Sevenoaks putting in a good performance against a strong Bromley team. Although there was disappointment with three disqualifications which cost a 19 point advantage against the second placed Bromley, the Sevenoaks swimmers fought back hard.

There were exceptional winning performances from Eva Okaro (in both 200m IM and 100m freestyle), Jaedon Lynch (100m breaststroke), Millie Armstrong (100m backstroke), Elspeth Watson (in both 100m butterfly and 100m freestyle), Noah Enticknap (100m freestyle), Ruth Godfrey (50m freestyle), Emily Brown (100m breaststroke), Jacob Crombie (50m breaststroke) and Alyze Gentles (50m butterfly).

In the end, the strength and depth of the Sevenoaks relay teams proved decisive with most results being 1st or 2nd place.

Final results on the day for the A team were Sevenoaks 239, Bromley 237, Black Lion 188, Greenwich Royals 151, Saxon Crown 123 and Bexley 113.


The A squad comprised of: 

Freya Ashdown, Amelie Thompson, Annabel Nunn, Ruth Godfrey

Abigail Saunders, Amelia Tovey, Alyse Gentles Valentina Groves

Millie Armstrong, Izabella Okaro, Eva Okaro, Emily Brown, Samriddhi Das

Imogen Stoddart, Elspeth Watson.

Devon Tannock, Jacob Crombie, Maxwell Haslam, Xavier Hards  

Jonathan Vowell, Thomas Johnston, George Rehbein

Macaulay Johnston, Seamus Hamilton, Ben Watson, Joseph Box, Albert Whitlock

Jaedon Lynch, Noah Enticknap, Tom Creasey


At Margate, the B team were up against Thanet ‘A’, Beckenham, RTW Monson ‘A’, Shepway and Maidstone.

The B team aspires to remain a part of Division One again this season, having gained promotion two years ago.

This would be no easy task considering the tough draw and strong opposition. The young swimmers were tasked with racing against the “A Team” of five other clubs!


The B Squad comprised of:

Isabelle Stoddart, Iris Whitlock, Vivien Rooney, Caitlin O’Sullivan

Fern Gray, Isabella Muñoz, Mia Bakunowicz, Olivia Dyckhoff

Isla Murphy, Martha Roberts, Daisy McMillan, Rosie Deacon, Ella Wood

Kara Dimond, Holli Gushlow Betty Simpson 

Matthew McLean, Ignacio Munoz, Boris Argirov, Hugo Schwemm

Ptolemy Mangat, Joseph Strebel, Zachary Loder, Martin Argirov 

Zachary Howard, Sam Martin-Young, William Jarrett, Ethan Martin, Max Cooper

Thiago Gentles, Edward Holness 


Kara Dimond shone winning the 100m breaststroke. Impressive second places were achieved by William Jarrett (100m butterfly), Isla Murphy (100m backstroke), Vivien Rooney (50m butterfly), Ptolemy Mangat (50m backstroke), Martha Roberts (100m breaststroke) and Fern Gray (50m butterfly).

There were fantastic first places in the team relays for the girls 12/u medley team and the girls 13/u medley team

In a strongly contested fixture, Sevenoaks ‘B’ (137points) ended in 5th place ahead of Shepway (99). Other results were as follows :Thanet A (337), Beckenham (333), RTW Monson (180), Maidstone (164)

The whole team supported one another passionately and are well placed to secure their spot in the top division once again at the final round in November.

Well done to both teams and keep up the good training ! 


Full results can be viewed HERE (requires member login)


Sevenoaks Swimming club hosted round one of the Kent Junior League 2018 at the Leisure Centre.  The KJL is the leading team competition for 13 years and under in the county.  The Sevenoaks A team were last year’s winners and B team were out to prove their place in the premier division. The fixture pitched both teams against Beckenham, Shepway, Saxon Crown and Black Lion.  Unfortunately both teams were somewhat hampered by the late arrival of some swimmers who participated in the national IAPS gala at the London Aquatic Centre that same afternoon although it didn’t dampen their efforts 

For some 9 and 10 year olds this gala was their first league fixture and they performed brilliantly within the noisy, competitive environment.

The A team were seeded in top position and quickly justified this  rating with a string of first and second places battling with Beckenham, who led after 12 events, but the A team strength in depth told in the end. They finished with a fine flourish, winning the squadron relay having already secured 25 1st places from the 48 races, helped by Elspeth Watson (220 IM & 100 Fly), Johnny Vowell (50 Breast), Devon Tannock (50 Back), Imogen Stoddart (100 Breast), Amelia Tovey (50 Free), Alyze Gentles (50 Back, 50 Fly), Oliver Dennis (50 Back), Jacob Crombie (50 Free, 50 Breast), Emily Brown (100 Breast), Izabella Okaro (100 Free), Joseph Box (100 free), along with 12 of the 17 relay races.

Special mention must go to Valentina Groves who stood in for an older swimmer who was delayed at the Aquatic Centre and swam a credit worthy 100m butterfly.

The B team produced a number of solid results with several spectacular races, including a couple of wins against the A team rivals: Caitlin O’Sullivan (10/u 50 free), Amelie Thompson (10/u 50 breast) and Samriddhi Das (13/u 100 Back). The swimmers pulled all the stops out to finish in the top 3 in an astonishing 22 races.

The final results were Sevenoaks A first on 263 points, Beckenham 255, Black Lion 165, Sevenoaks B 154, Saxon Crown  125, Shepway 95.


The teams were as follows:-

A team.

Freya Ashdown, Iris Whitlock, Annabel Nung, Ruth Godfrey

Abigail Saunders, Amelia Tovey, Alyze Gentles, Valentina Groves

Millie Armstrong, Izabella Okaro, Eva Okaro, Emily Brown

Imogen Stoddart, Elspeth Watson, 

Devon Tannock, Jacob Crombie, Maxwell Haslam, Xavier Hards

Oliver Dennis, Jonathan Vowell, Thomas Johnston

Macaulay Johnston, Seamus Hamilton, Ben Watson, Joseph Box

Jaedon Lynch, Noah Enticknap Tom Creasey


B team.

Vivien Rooney, Amelie Thompson, Evie Collings,Caitlin O’Sullivan, Evie Armstrong

Fern Gray, Mia Bakunowicz, Olivia Dyckhoff

Isla Murphy, Martha Roberts, Daisy McMillan, Rosie Deacon, Samriddhi Das

Isabelle MacKenzie, Kara Dimond, Holly Gushlow 

Matthew McLean, Boris Argirov, Aidan Moore, Hugo Schwemm

Ptolemy Mangat, Joseph Strebel, George Rehbein, Zachary Loder

Zachary Howard, Albert Whitlock, William Jarrett, Ethan Martin

Thiago Gentles, Edward Holness, James Fry 


The coaches would like to thank all poolside helpers, officials and the leadership group for supporting and enabling this event, in particular Janet Benn for organising the venue and helpers.

Round two will take place in September 8th.

Results from the first round of the 2018 Kent Junior League competition have now been published and are available here (requires club member web login to view)

A report from the first event of this popular competition will be published here soon.

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