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Squad Structure & Age Bands

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Our Club structure facilitates suitable and progressive squads/hours in order to allow each athlete to reach their full potential. We strive to minimise the risk of burnout, teach individuals the values of listening, working hard, respect and personal responsibility within our program. These qualities not only help form a successful athlete, but also a successful human being.
Our Competitive Swimming stream has three main sections:
- Performance – Swimmers competing at Regional, English, British and Junior International Level
- Competitive – The main pathway through the Club from the Academy, through the junior/age group squads and into Competitive and Youth Development.
- Club & Aquatic Sports – An offering for non-competitive swimming for enjoyment as well as competitive Synchronised Swimming, Water Polo and Masters swimming.
The age bands for each squad are listed in the squad criterium further below. Though they are for guidance purposes only, each athlete will be placed in the squad where the coaching team feels is best for them.
The Head Coach does believe that swimmers are best placed and progressed along in their peer groups, but implores that this cannot always be the case due to differing stages in aerobic, athletic and physical development as well as maturation.
The following table should act as a guideline for age/squad progression within the Performance & Competitive Pathways:
It is vital, therefore, to ensure that each athlete commits to as much of their allocated squad’s schedule as possible to ensure keeping a consistent level of progression.

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