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Swimmers will be training full time with coach Richard Smith.


  • Fully committed to regular training.County Squad swimmers need to achieve County qualifying times for entry into this squad and compete at these championshipsSwimmers to be a minimum of 12 years of age to enter County Squad.
  • Training hours must be regularly met to allow all round development throughout the season. A minimum of 18 hours swimming every 4 weeks must be maintained.
  • Competitions – County Squad swimmers will be expected to attend significant open meets, Kent County Championships (on qualified events) and league galas when selected by coaches to represent Sevenoaks Swimming Club. The importance of attendance at opens, Club Champs and league galas (on selection) is a significant factor within the criteria for County Squad swimmers.
  • Lateness - Any swimmer reporting late onto poolside on three separate occasions will be asked to go and get changed (three strikes and out rule). All swimmers MUST be ready to be in the pool at the stated start time. If you know you will be late, prior notice to the coaches must be made.
  • Training Ethics – Swimmers need to arrive poolside in a positive frame of mind with all appropriate swim kit ready to commence training as soon as directed by the coach. During training any continuous stopping, disruptive behaviour or poor work ethic will not be accepted and over a period of time may lead to expulsion from this squad.
  • There will be no toilet breaks in any hour or hour and a half sessions. Toilet breaks in any other sessions will only be permitted during scheduled breaks as stated by the coach.
  • All these criteria points carry a zero tolerance policy. If any part of the criteria isn’t met - eg hours, then a warning will be given, after a third warning the swimmer will be moved to a different squad.


  • To prepare swimmers to race effectively in competitions including Club Championships, league galas, open meets and county competitions and above.
  • To progress swimmers from county to regional level.
  • To develop an understanding of the fundamental principles governing competitive swim training.
  • To develop the disciplined practical and psychological skills necessary to train and perform at this level. 
  • County Championships
  • Level 3 (and above) Open Meets
  • Club Championships
  • Arena League (if selected)
  • Kent Junior League (where applicable and if selected)
  • White Horse League (if selected)
  • Regional Championships


Training requirements

  • A minimum of 18 hours swimming every 4 weeks to retain a position within this squad.

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