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Competitive Development

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12-15 yrs (guidance only)
Lead Coach : Ross Hunter
The main objective of this squad is to prepare swimmers for the pathway into either Age Group Development, Age Group Performance or Youth Development. The program will continue to prioritise quality skills across all four strokes as well as aerobic development.
The squad is primarily aimed at swimmers who possess competitive aspirations but are not yet at the appropriate developmental stage or prepared to make the necessary commitment to Age Group Development or Age Group Performance. This squad is ideal for individuals who enjoy a number of activities with commitments outside of swimming.
Swimmers must have shown, and continue to show, a commitment to working on improving their technical, aerobic and racing abilities by attending training on a regular basis.
Swim Meets
Swimmers are expected to and MUST compete at the following events : Club Championships, County Championships, Arena League, Tudor League, Kent Junior League.
Swimmers are actively discouraged from competing in events not on the Club/Squad Competition Calendar without the express permission from their squad lead coach.
Training Attendance
Swimmers MUST maintain pool training sessions together with 1 S&C land-based session as advised by the squad coach.
Training Performance & Expectations
Individuals must be committed to a positive work ethic, to being punctual and to maintain performance levels at all sessions.
Swimmers are expected to accept personal responsibility for competition performance together with feedback on all aspects of training.
Swimmers are also expected to uphold and maintain respect for other Club members, coaches, volunteers, officials, other pool and facility users and the facilities themselves in abidance with the Club “code of conduct”. Every swimmer should understand that they are representative of and act as ambassadors for the Club.
Swimmers are required to attend regular pool-based sessions as advised by the squad coach. Please note that land training sessions are looking to be added onto the squad schedule. Swimmers are required to represent and be available as required for Sevenoaks Swimming Club team events, swimming at multiple levels of competition and squad selection as programmed by the Head Coach. Sevenoaks Swimming Club kit must be always be worn in attendance at competitions unless otherwise advised.

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