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6-10 years (guidance only)
Coaches : Helen Dudman, Kendra Tovey, Gail Leathers, Tom Jaques, Mandy Turner, Janette O’Sullivan
To create skills in all four strokes in preparation for competitive swimming (or other aquatic activity) using NTP 7+ ASA Competitive Starts Award and Swim England Club Awards with the view to progress along the appropriate pathways in the Club.
Either promotion from Minnows or progression from local Swim Schools/Learn To Swim providers by achieving NTP Stages 6/7 (or equivalent).
Swim Meets
Swimmers will be invited to participate in Club events, e.g. Club Championships, etc
Swimmers are actively discouraged from competing in events not on the Club/Squad Competition Calendar without the express permission from their squad lead coach.
Training Attendance
It is important to maintain attendance to ensure continued progressive development. Please advise the squad coach of any absence.
Training Performance & Expectations
Individuals are encouraged to take a positive work ethic at all sessions and to be committed to learning and continuing their development. Sessions are based on developing swimmers in preparation for the training requirements of future squads.
Swimmers are encouraged to begin to take personal responsibility for applying the feedback given to them on all technical aspects from their coach.
Swimmers are also expected to uphold and maintain respect for other Club members, coaches, volunteers, officials, other pool and facility users and the facilities themselves in abidance with the Club “code of conduct”. Every swimmer should understand that they are representative of and act as ambassadors for the Club.
Swimmers showing a positive engagement, work ethic, ability and desire to succeed (age dependant) may be selected to attend Junior 3 or additional Minnows sessions prior to completing the fully academy programme.

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