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Frequently asked questions concerning Masters swimming.

What age do I need to be to swim with the Masters?

At least 25 years old

Where/when do the Masters meet?

Sevenoaks Masters swim at a variety of locations throughout the week. Further information on our training schedule is available here 

Do the Masters swim competitively?

Yes they do but this is not compulsory - some swimmers just train with the Masters. Everyone has his or her reason for swimming-health, general fitness, camaraderie, just for fun. How far you go is up to you. A major survey of British Masters swimmers showed that the majority of them rarely competed.

I've heard of the Kent FANS Scheme, what is it?

FANS stands for Free Access for National Sports People. The Kent Countywide FANS scheme was established in 1998 as an important sports development initiative providing support and encouragement to the County's leading talented and elite sports performers. The scheme aims to provide national level sportspeople with free access at designated off-peak times to a number of the County's leisure and sports facilities for personal training and development. It was established by the 'Kent Association of Leisure and Cultural Officers' in conjunction with Kent County Council's Sports Development Unit and has the full support of Medway Council, and the twelve district, borough and city councils in Kent. Some fifty leisure facilities are involved in the countywide scheme including leisure and sports centres, swimming pools, fitness gyms, artificial / synthetic pitches and athletic tracks plus a range of other specialist and general indoor and outdoor facilities.

The Kent FANS scheme provides opportunities for sportsmen and sportswomen of all ages who currently perform, or compete at a National level and who reside for the majority of the year in Kent, excluding the Kent London Boroughs of Bromley, Bexley, Greenwich and Lewisham. It caters for sportspeople (including those with disabilities) who are:

  • currently members of a national team or squad.
  • currently listed in the top 10 of any national age group ranking.
  • successful in any national age group competition (top 10 finish), in the last 12 months. 
  • evidence or confirmation of a performer's involvement at a national level will be required from the appropriate governing body of sport.

So how does FANS affect Sevenoaks Masters?

A number of Sevenoaks Masters swimmers have FANS cards which entitles them to free pool time for training (together with a training partner) just by entering galas such as the KCASA Masters Competition in July. Results are submitted to the asa’s national database and, if a national top-ten ranking has been achieved, the swimmer should complete the Kent Sport application form and send it off as described. Once the FANS card is received, the swimmer can take advantage of all the benefits described!


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