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It's a medal haul at Kent Synchro Championships

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Sunday, 07 July 2019 00:00

The Sevenoaks Sychronised Swimming team shone at the recent Kent Championships in Canterbury with every swimmer leaving the event having won a medal!

In the individual championships, the medal winners were:

Novice category - Abigail Bampton, bronze  (12/U). Ruby Ferguson (13-18), in her first ever competition won the Gold!

Grade 0 (13-18) Lena Saunders brought home the silver medal with Michaela Grobbelaar winning the bronze. 

Grade 1 figures it was gold  for Sarah Fitz-Gerald, (12/U) an amazing achievement after just 10 months with the club. In 13-18 age group, Emilie Williams won the  bronze.

Grade 2,  Lucy Sadler (12/U) won the bronze medal whilst Maelle Fontaine also won the bronze medal in the 13-18 category.

In Grade 3, (13-15) Tiia Lahdelma won silver, whilst Aruni Meedeniya (15-18) took the bronze.

The team also entered two duets. The 12u girls managed to bring home a second gold medal this season. Lucy Sadler, Fleur Kirk (and reserve Angelina Bezuidenhout). The 13-18 duet narrowly missed out on a podium place coming in 4th.  Tiia Lahdelma, Aruni Meedeniya (and reserve Amelia Bell)

Finally, the club entered three routines in the team championships, each team swimming to music for 3 minutes. The 12u team, were ecstatic to take home the gold medal and the U12 trophy. Team members: Angelina Bezuidenhout, Betty Black, Abigail Bampton, Stanley Stiff, Ella Francis, Fleur Kirk, Gemma Grobbelaar, Sarah Fitz-Gerald, Lillie Horgan and Abbie White

The 15U team won bronze in a very tough category,  just 0.2 separating them from the gold! 

The 13-18 team were ecstatic to win gold and the Kent title. 

The teams are training hard for their final competition of the summer, the National Combo Cup, the second time Sevenoaks has competed at national level.


Sevenoaks Synchro top the charts at London Regionals

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Monday, 10 June 2019 00:00

On Saturday the 9th June, the Sevenoaks Sychronised Swimming Team competed in their most successful competition to date, the London Regional Championships held at the White Oak Leisure Centre in Swanley. It was their first competition of the season and the teams were up against stiff competition from 7 other clubs. 

The club has swimmers aged between 10 and 16 years and Sevenoaks were thrilled to win gold in every team routine, plus a gold in the 12/under duets and a silver in the 13-18 duets. Everyone in the team came away beaming with a gold medal, an amazing achievement. The judges were impressed with Sevenoaks’ technique, execution and artistic impression.

The victorious teams were as follows:

12u team: Angelina Bezuidenhout, Betty Black, Ella Francis, Fleur Kirk, Gemma Grobbelaar, Sarah Fitz-Gerald, Lillie Horgan.

15u team: Jodie Yew, Michaela Grobbelaar, Sayaka Soga, Laragh Redhouse, Lena Saunders, Lucy Sadler, Niamh Black, Ros Hilson.

13-18 team: Aruni Meedeniya, Eden Dyer, Maelle Fontaine, Emilie Williams, Sophia McInnes, Amelia Bell, Isabelle Thompson, Tiia Lahdelma.

12u duet: Lucy Sadler, Angelina Bezuidenhout, reserve Fleur Kirk.

13-18 duet: Tiia Lahdelma, Amelia Bell.

The team are now looking forward to the Kent Finals in two weeks’ time, followed by the National Combo Cup in July.


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