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Christmas / New-Year Training Timetable

Published in Newsflash
Saturday, 15 December 2018 00:00

Kent County Championships 2019 hats - don't delay !

Published in Swimming Kit
Saturday, 15 December 2018 00:00
  • Orders are now being accepted online for 2019 Kent County Championships swimming hats.
  • The hats will include the 7Oaks logo and club name details plus - Kent Swimming Championsips 2019 - printed on them
  • In addition, you can request your name / initials also printed on the hat(s). 
  • Deadline for ordering online is 8pm 21st December.  
  • Minimum order is 2 hats.
  • Price is £14.95 for 2 hats (including printing of swimmer's name or initials).  Thereafter additional hats are £7.25 each.
  • There is a small admin fee associated with processing of online payments by Stripe - based on the country of origin of your payment card.  This amount will be automatically calculated and displayed below once you enter your payment card details - before you submit payment.
  • Please note that processing fees are non refundable for partial refunds.



Swim England Club Network of the Year

Published in News
Monday, 03 December 2018 00:00

Kent Water Polo lifted the Swim England Club Network of the Year award and manager Ben McDonald admitted: “It’s a great achievement.”

The network is made up of six clubs – Bexley Water Polo Club, Faversham Water Polo Club, Hythe Water Polo Club, Invicta Water Polo Club, RTW Monson Water Polo Club and Sevenoaks Water Polo Club – and is responsible for developing water polo and ensuring the future of the sport in Kent.

The group came about through a combined desire to improve the grassroots of the game in the county. Many junior squads across the county were unable to field full teams and were struggling to produce county level players.

McDonald added: “This is a great achievement for the network and credit must be given to all the clubs in Kent and all the young volunteers in the whole team that have worked towards this. Thank you and well done.”

McDonald is also the head coach of the Sevenoaks Water Polo Club and the national award by Swim England is a huge achievement for him and the club, which is part of Sevenoaks Swimming Club.

McDonald has been the head of Sevenoaks Water Polo since 2015 where they now boast 32 juniors, five of which are currently in the Kent County team. In addition, the club have also had a Sevenoaks player selected this year for the South East regional team. McDonald and his team also look at developing further links with schools in Sevenoaks.

As Manager of the Kent Water Polo Network, McDonald’s role is to share good practice across all clubs and be a point of contact. He and his team run nine different water polo tournaments each year and monthly Kent training sessions.

Club disciplinary policy

Friday, 30 November 2018 00:00

The club's disciplinary policy is available for viewing / download here

Kent Junior League 3rd round results

Published in Kent Junior League
Friday, 30 November 2018 00:00

Sevenoaks Swimming A team competed in the third and final round of the Kent Junior League at Beckenham Spa with an expectation of defending the league title.  The final round was seeded with the top six clubs based on results from previous rounds.   Opponents were Thanet, Bromley, Beckenham, Royal Tunbridge Wells Monson and Black Lion.

The results were Beckenham 229, Sevenoaks 223, Bromley 194, Thanet 173, RTW Monson 159, Black Lion 82.

Having conceded second place to Beckenham in round three, the league table showed a tie for first position between Beckenham and Sevenoaks.  The deciding factor for the trophy winner was therefore the gala points in round three, which gave Beckenham the trophy this year.


“A” team as follows..

Freya Ashdown, Iris Whitlock, Vivien Rooney, Ruth Godfrey

Fern Gray, Abigail Saunders,Amelia Tovey, Alyze Gentles

Izabella Okaro, Eva Okaro,Emily Brown, Samriddhi Das

Kara Dimond, Imogen Stoddart, Elspeth Watson


Devon Tannock, Jacob Crombie, Maxwell Haslam, Xavier Hards

Ptolemy Mangat, George Rehbein, Jonathan Vowell, Thomas Johnston

Ben Watson, Seamus Hamilton, William Jarrett, Joseph Box, Albert Whitlock

Caiden Hibbert, Jaedon Lynch, Noah Enticknap Tom Creasey


Meanwhile, the B team took on the second tier clubs in the premier division.   They managed to hold onto their seeded position of second place.

Results were Maidstone 213, Sevenoaks B 196, Greenwich Royals 195, Bexley 178, Saxon Crown 163 and Shepway 103.


“B” team as follows…

Caitlin O’Sullivan, Amelie ThompsonEvie Armstrong, Caitlyn Semple Sophie Craig

Mia BakunowiczValentina Groves Maisie Chambers

Millie Armstrong, Isla Murphy, Martha RobertsRosie DeaconElla Wood

Holli Gushlow, Evie Martin 


Boris Argirov, Hugo Schwemm, Freddie Martin-Young, Aaron  Green

Martin Argirov,  Joseph Strebel, Louis Humphrey

Macaulay Johnston, Zachary Howard, Sam Martin-Young, Ethan Martin

Thiago GentlesEdward Holness


To come second overall in Kent with such a young team is a huge achievement. Coach Vince Norris reiterated how proud he is of the swimmers in both teams with fantastic individual and team performances throughout the three rounds.

Sevenoaks Waterpolo make a splash at Awards Ceremony

Published in News
Tuesday, 27 November 2018 00:00

For the first time in 10 years SSC Water Polo held their awards. The afternoon started with a summary of the past year -

·         Sevenoaks played in 8 different tournaments in 2018, the most recent a full team in the under 14 and 16 age groups

·         5 players playing for the Kent under 14 team - Joshua, Caiden,  James, Thomas, Leo

·         2 players playing for  Kent in both the under 16 and under 19s girls team - Chante and Leane

·         3 players playing for Kent in the over 40s - Mark, Tom H, Jonny

·         Danny has contuned to play in the British Water Polo League

·         4 players have been training with the SER team - Thomas, Leo, Allegra, Josh

·         Allegra has been selected to play for the SER girls  under 14 team

·         Chante and Leane - both attended the Young Volunteers programme

·         Increased our pool time for the first time ever to 2 junior sessions a week, Big thanks goes to SSC committee and New beacon school.


Moving swiftly onto the awards, starting with the Club Awards which are for players who are 12 and under, to recognise achievement from moving from swimming to water polo.

·         Water Polo Club Awards 1 - Farouk, Maxwell, Jacob, George, Jack, Lizzie, Axel and Gabriel

·         Water Polo Club Awards 2 - Leo, Joshua, Thomas, Allegra


New trophy for this year for The Most Improved Junior Player of the year went to Allegra Cuomo. She has shown great commitment and continues to take every opportunity to develop and improve at water polo.

The Stuart Pettit Award – presented to the member who has made the most outstanding contribution to Sevenoaks Water  Polo Club during the past year  2018 went to  Leané and Chanté.

Senior captain Tom Howes gave a speech to the whole room inviting parents and the older juniors to come and give senior polo a go.

The Senior Wooden Spoon Award went to Reg.

The Seniro Player of the Year went to  Johnny who was exstreamly surprise to have won the award.

It was great to see over 50 people attending. New members are always welcome to come and give water polo ago, Thanks to everyone for their support

A large Kent contingent travelled to Sheffield for the Swim England National Masters Championships at Ponds Forge, Sheffield on the 20th and 21st October. Two swimmers were representing Sevenoaks, Shelley Robinson and Peter Gruitt, both in the 65-69 age group. This is one of the two occasions of the year when the 50m long course pool is split into two 25m short course ones, the men’s events taking place in one and the women’s in the other, leading to an exciting eight-session competition spread over the three days.

Shelley had qualified for 13 of the 18 events but with a maximum of eight events had selected seven, including a series of Freestyle events ranging from 50m to 1500m plus the 50m Backstroke and Breaststroke events.

The first day started with both Sevenoaks swimmers qualifying for the 1500m Freestyle event – a 60-length swim. Gruitt swum well for a fourth place in his age group in a new Sevenoaks Masters record time of 23:37.37, whilst Shelley finished in silver-medal position in her event, but missing out on an entry time improvement.

As the competition progressed, Shelley settled into a steady pattern of entry time improvements over 50m, 100m and 200m Freestyle, culminating in a hard-fought seven-second decade-best time in her 400m Freestyle event. The finishing times for these four events also broke the previous Sevenoaks Masters records for the age group as well as bringing her a bronze medal in the 200m event. Shelley’s final medal was a second silver in her 50m Backstroke event in a season’s best time.

Overall, the performances increased her 2018 standing in the Swim England Masters Decathlon rankings to 213 with a points total of 2883.

Kent County Championships 2019 - entries now open

Published in Kent County Champs
Tuesday, 27 November 2018 00:00

Kent is one of the largest swimming counties in England, we have a fantastic group of volunteers, officials, coaches, organisers, though we have to manage with a poor supply of appropriate competitive venues in central locations. 

This year sees the addition of the new Olympic events (boys 800m free and girls 1500m free). We will be using a new venue at Dover. They have a new 8x25m pool, which opens in Feb 2019. Kent Relays will be its first competitive event. The East Invicta clubs travel a long way to Crystal Palace and LAC, it would be great to see the relays well supported from the all the clubs of the county.

Deadline for all entries is 07:00pm sharp - 22nd December regardless of Kent Weald Gala results.  Everyone should enter and refunds will be issued if not accepted.





Selection Policy for 11 year old Pathway

A minimum of 24 swimmers (12 male/12 female) and a maximum of 36 (18 male/18 female) will be selected as follows:

  • The ASA rankings data base will be used for selection purposes. Only times achieved between 1 September 2017 and the Monday following the final County Championship weekend in 2018, will be considered.
  • The highest ranked 11 year old male and female (age as at 31 December in the year of competition), in each event competed at County Championships will be initially selected.
  • Further selections will be made from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc ranked swimmers.
  • Where swimmers have an equal ranking, selections will be made prioritised according to the highest Fina Point Score in a single event.
  • Selections can be from either short or long course rankings but should be congruent with your County Championships mode (for example, if your County Championships are held in a long course pool, then long course rankings should be used for selection purposes and vice versa).
  • Swimmer selections must be completed within one week of the completion of the County Championships.


As with all competitions you need to be in it to win it. If a swimmer has a consideration time they should enter. 

We have had a number of similar questions on how the Qualifying system works, to help people out the following is an explanation:

Each event has its own maximum number, generally based on the pool time to run the event. E.g.50's have more than 200's.

There is a table for each in the conditions. 

For 50m it's 28 per age group.

The target is to have 196 entrants across all ages in a 50.

This is done as follows:

1. All swimmers with an auto QT are accepted ( even if we have more than 28). That's why autos are tough.

2. The balance (up to 28) is made up from consideration QT's in each age group 

3. If there are less than 28 after 1 and 2 above, we will distribute the spaces to the other age groups proportionate to entries. So if say we only have 20 15yr olds , the missing 8 would be added and spread across other excess ages.

Last year we accepted all that had consideration times, as we had space and could squeeze them in. It was one of the criticisms we had, so we will be stricter this year.

There is a whole statistical model to set QT's to make the above work. 

If you look at rankings for 2017 swims for Kent swimmers you will have a good indication of whether a consideration will make it. However, YOU SHOULD ENTER IF YOU HAVE A CONSIDERATION TIME even if it is outside the top 28 (for 50's), because you don't know that all the swimmers ranked higher will enter any particular event.


The annual Swim England National County Team Championships 2018 is once again taking place this October 7th at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre. Always a fun, colourful and competitive event, it is played out in front of a packed house in Sheffield.

It kicks off the competitive short course season for many of the swimmers taking part. 

With more than 900 swimmers competing from 36 counties the County Team Championships is split into two divisions. Division 1 typically has 20 teams while Division 2 has up to 20.

The 50m national pool is specially divided into two 25m short course pools so that the event takes place for both Divisions within the one venue at the same time. There will be two heats for each event on the schedule with heats in Division 2 starting only 20 seconds after those in Division 1. This adds to the electrifying atmosphere of the fast paced event which is also fully live streamed.

Individual events are contested over three double banded age groups – 12/13 Yrs, 14/15 Yrs and 16/17 Yrs. There are 100m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke, 100m Butterfly and 100m Breaststroke events for each age group with one swimmer competing from each county.

There will also be 4x50m Medley Relays held for each age group and one Mixed 6x50m Freestyle Relay. The mixed relay consists of teams made up of one boy and one girl from each age group.

This year, 7 swimmers from Sevenoaks Swimming Club have been selected to form part of the team representing the County of Kent in Division 1. This is the highest number there has been for the club.


The following Sevenoaks SC swimmers will be racing in the following events: 

Millie Childs (14) 100Back 

Kara Dimond (13) 100Breast

Imogen Stoddart (13) 50Breast in Medley relay

Eva Okaro (12) 100Fly, 50Free in Medley & Free Relay.

Izabella Okaro (12) 50Fly in Medley Relay

Nathan Rodrigues (16) 100Free, 50Free in Medley & Free Relay

Louis Hayes (14) 100Fly, 100Back and 50Fly in Medley Relay.


Also selected from Sevenoaks SC this year for the SE Regional Training Camp were 12 year olds Eva Okaro, Izabella Okaro and Emily Brown. 

14 year olds Louis Hayes and Jacob Hudson have been selected for the National Development Programme 2018.


On Saturday September 22, Sevenoaks Sychronised Swimming team had a great day at the South East Regionals in Crawley, with everyone on the team coming away with a medal. This was our last competition this synchro season. 

We entered two routines, each team swimming to music for 3 minutes. The 12u team were happy to take home the silver medal, with a score of 55.66.

The Team comprised of: Amelia Bell, Angelina Bezuidenhout, Betty Black, Ella Francis, Fleur Kirk, Gemma Grobbelaar, Isabelle Thompson, Laragh Redhouse, Lena Saunders, Lucy Sadler and Maelle Fontaine. This young team has had a great season with gold at the Kent Finals, gold at London Regionals and 6th at Nationals.

The 13-15 years team were delighted to come away with a silver medal and a score of 55.73, higher than their score at London Regionals. This Team comprised of : Amy Cameron, Aruni Meedeniya, Eden Dyer, Emilie Williams, Jodie Yew, Katie Thomas, Michaela Grobbelaar, Sayaka Soga, Sophia McInnes and Tiia Lahdelma. They have also had a great season with bronze at London Regionals, silver at Kent and 12th at Nationals.

The girls are looking forward to starting their new routines for next season this week.

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