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On Saturday 18th May 2019, at Folkestone Sports Centre, Sevenoaks Water Polo Club took on four Kent Water Polo clubs for the annual Kent Water Polo Festival.

Sevenoaks Water Polo Club competed in the Under 12’a, Under 14s and Under 16’s events. The Kent clubs at the event were Sevenoaks, Hythe, Faversham, Beckenham and Tunbridge Wells Monson.

With only five in the team on the day, the Sevenoaks Waterpolo Under 12’s worked very hard. These young competitors won against Bexley, drew against Beckenham and lost against Hythe. They came away with medals for 2nd position overall.

The Sevenoaks Waterpolo Under 14’s were a solid and cohesive team and achieved 3rd position overall. With a win against Monson and Faversham, and loses against Beckenham and Hythe, they played well and with a great result.

Last on the day were the Under 16s Sevenoaks Waterpolo. who came second in their group and were 4th position overall. They won convincingly against Monson, but played a an exciting and tough game against Hythe and Bexley, with loses against both.

Congratulations to all of the players who competed on the day. Each age group were very strong and worked hard for these great results. Thanks to coach Tom McDonald for supporting and wrangling the teams, while Ben McDonald ran the score keeping for the day. Thank you also to all of the Sevenoaks Water Polo spectators who cheered our teams on and if you bought a raffle ticket on the day. These funds go towards subsidising the Kent Development training and Kent Tournaments.

Well done Sevenoaks Water Polo Club.

On Tuesday night 12th March at Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre, Charlie Exall and Mark Freed of Sevenoaks Water Polo Team broke the World record for the most number of consecutive water polo passes by a pair.  The previous record was 65 passes, Charlie and Mark smashed the record managing a total of 95.


Please follow this link to photo’s and video’s of the event -


The Story:


So I’m making a list of things I want to do before I’m sixty and I think breaking a world record would be high on the list, but probably not feasible.   Then I think well why not?   A little bit of research and I see that the some world records exist in Water Polo.  The record of 65 consecutive passes by a pair sounds achievable, surely I can do that.  After all I started playing 40 years ago.


Choosing a partner and some training, applying to make an attempt, setting a date. Small set-back; partner struck down with pneumonia and unable to train. New partner and we are off.  Beat record in training with new partner, set new date. Date arrives, nervous, small crowd, cameraman, pressure.  First attempt ends with me dropping the ball after about 20 passes.  Second attempt I do the same at 61, agonisingly close to the record. Third attempt (last chance – getting tired) stop counting, breathe, relax, just do it.   Overjoyed - the new (subject to confirmation) world record stands at 95.   Ticked break world record off to-do list.


A big thank you to Charlie my partner. It was a pleasure and experience I will never forget.


Thanks to our teammates at Sevenoaks, our friends at Monson ( Tunbridge Wells) for hosting the attempt, our two referees Dave Murphy and Clive Donaldson and our cameraman Jon Mackenzie.   Thanks to Danny Hanlon my original partner, who has made a full and good recovery and to Jonathan Exall for supporting and encouraging us on the night.


But its more than that. Water Polo is a truly fantastic sport to participate in, whatever your age. Charlie, my partner, and I hope that by breaking the record we can make people more aware of the sport.  We want to encourage more Swimming Clubs to truly embrace Water Polo. Recognising it as a way of keeping young people engaged in water based sports, as well as attracting those from other ball sports who might see it as a way of continuing to compete when the body is perhaps not up to higher impact sports.


Record Breakers: Mark Freed (59) and Charlie Exall (25) both play for Sevenoaks Water Polo Club.

Record Broken:  Most Consecutive Water Polo Pass by a pair.

Venue:  Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre

When: 12th March 2019


Existing Record -




Record definition

  • This record is for the most consecutive water polo passes completed without stopping.
  • This record is to be attempted by a team of two.
  • This record is measured by the passes made successfully without a break.

Rules for Most consecutive water polo passes by a pair

  • The water polo ball must be a standard water polo ball that must be approved by the officials, one of which must be a qualified referee.
  • The attempt begins when the first participant passes the ball to the second participant, and the second participant passes back to the first and so on.
  • Each pass must travel at least 7 metres (23 feet). This distance must be measured and marked out, video of the measurement must be submitted with the claim.
  • The ball may be passed with either hand.
  • The ball must be passed with a legal action i.e. conform to the rules of water polo, and be acceptable to the qualified official (Referee).
  • Both participants must tread water for the duration of the attempt. If either participant touches the bottom of the pool, the attempt is ended.
  • The ball must be immediately passed and caught without the ball touching the surface of the water.
  • At least two qualified water polo referees must be present during the attempt.

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