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Final scores at Round 6 of the 2019 Tudor League Featured

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The final round for 2019 took place at Eltham pool on the 22nd june.

The results of all the rounds were as follows :

Round 1 (no team was entered)

Round 2 2nd place

Round 3 5th place

Round 4 6th place

Round 5 5th place

Round 6 5th Place

Our final league position at the end of the year was 6th place and a League Place Trophy was awarded to each team.

Competing clubs are  Bexley, Dartford District, Erith district, Gravesend & Northfleet, Greenwich Royals, Orpington Ojays, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge


Personal best times were achieved by the following

Theo Loder in the 9/10 years breaststroke

Toby Burke in the 12/u breaststroke

Kezia Osborne-Walker in the 12/u fly

Jacob Crombie in the 12/u backstroke

Ethan Martin in the 14/u freestyle


There were also new recorded times for Aaron Green in the 9/10 fly and Evie Mann in the 9/10 freestyle

Swimmers in the team were :

9/10 years Emily stone, Imogen Myles, Dakota Lynch, Evie Mann, Theo Loder, Aaron Green, Thomas Ellershaw.

12/u Caitlyn Semple, Iris whitlock, Kezia Osborne-Walker, Alice Stone, Jacob Crombie, Toby Burke, Xavier Hards, Zac Loder

14/u Cara Singleterry, Abigail Saunders, Bethany Burke Macaulay Johnston, Joshua Crombie, Ethan Martin

Open Age: Evie Martin, Noah Saunders,, Dillon Bentley


The final round in each year holds a ‘fun’ event at the end of the gala.  This is a Canon relay where 8 selected girl/boy swimmers from each team/age group start in the water in age order.  The first (youngest) swimmer swims one length, the second completes 2 length and so on, the last swimmer completing the whole 8 lengths. Swimmers are not allowed to overtake the swimmer in front and the team to complete all 8 lengths first is the winner of that relay race.

Over the 6 rounds, our position has been dictated by the amount of DQ’s and Time Faults which lose points, although time faults are recorded and the swimmer is able to have that time attributed to him/her but with nil points for the team.

Time faults are set for this league to deter clubs from entering their fastest swimmers and to enable slower swimmers the opportunity to compete in a six round league against similar level swimmers.

Each year the time faults are set at just below the Kent Consideration time for that year. These are set and agreed at the League’s annual AGM.

At the end of the league year all points from the year are added up and trophies awarded to each club according to their final position in the league table.

We suffered this year from a missed round and quite a few time faults overall but hopefully the 2020 teams will be stronger and we are able to challenge the current league leaders.


TUDOR CUP – this trophy was introduced in 2016 to mark the Olympic year and is held as the final round (separate from the League awards).  It is held in alternate years and Sevenoaks were the first winners of the Cup in 2016. It will be held again in 2020 as the R6 of the league year.

Thank you to all those swimmers, officials, parents, helpers who have supported the League in the past and looking forward to a successful 2020.


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