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The penultimate weekend of the Kent County Championships proved to be another huge success with a plethora of medals for swimmers from Sevenoaks SC. Crystal Palace was again the venue for the weekend with the Boys backstroke and freestyle and Girls’ breaststroke and fly being the focus.

In the girls 100m butterfly, the 10/11 heats witnessed super swims from Alyze Gentles, Abigail Saunders, Valentina Groves and Fern Gray. Another event couldn’t finish without the Okaro twins on the podium with Izabella winning Bronze and Eva another Gold with Millie Armstrong, the 3rd of our finalists, swimming well well to finish 6th. Elspeth proved herself a formidable Fly swimmer, repeating her performance of last year by winning Gold in the 13 yrs. Shortly followed by Lillie Chambers and Katie Vowell winning 5th & 8th respectively in the 14 yrs.  

At 15 years old Ellie Vowell, Zoe Naylor-Perrott, Aoife Lauerman made the final with Zoe coming in 4th, Ellie in 5th and Aoife 8th.Finally the 17/over saw Amy finish strongly for 4th place. There were also some great swims from Sarah Williams (16) Laura Wright, & Edith Norton (15) Megan Marter (14) Holli Gushlow, Imogen Stoddart, and Isabelle Mackenzie (13) Rosie Lauerman, Emily Brown, Sami Das & Ella Wood (12).

The boys were focussed on the 200m backstroke where medal success was forthcoming in the 14-year-old category with Louis Hayes and 11 yr old Oliver Dennis securing Gold with Ethan Hunter coming in 4th place in the 16yrs following a gutsy swim. Jonny Vowell (11) pulled out all the stops for 5th place with Caiden Hibbert (13) swimming hard for 6th. Both Tom Creasey (13) and Robert Allen fought hard for 7th places in the age groups. Super times were also posted by Chris Lee, Aiden McMillan, Ollie Coote, Ben Strebel, Euan Terry, & Macauley Johnston in their respective age groups.

In the second session of the day it was the turn of the boys 100m backstroke and kicking off the medals again was Oliver Dennis (11) and Louis Hayes (14) both storming to their Gold medal positions. Back fighting out for places in the 10/11 yrs were Devon Tannock and Jonny Vowell with the former gaining 5th and the latter 6th. 16 yr old Ethan Hunter bagged another 4th place with Zac Raymond (14) finishing in 5th. Robert Allen and Caiden Hibbert finished the boy’s success with an 8th place a piece. There were some fabulous swims in the heats from Macauley Johnston (12), Tom Creasey, Noah Enticknap & Jaedon Lynch (13), Ben Strebel, Euan Terry & Jacob Hudson (14) Aiden McMillan & Eddie Hamond (15), Ben Channon (16) and Chris Lee (17)

In the final event of the Saturday the girls participated in the gruelling 200m butterfly. Top swim of the day in this event went to Elspeth Watson (13) who once again secured another Gold medal. Tiny Valentina Groves (11) grew in stature to bag a magnificent Bronze with Holli Gushlow (13) storming to 4th. Aoife Lauerman and Amy Farthing (17) finished in 6th with Lillie Chambers (14) in 7TH.




Sunday at a packed Palace again saw an abundance of excellent swims and times posted by the team from Sevenoaks.

Racing in the 200m freestyle, the boys were determined not to be outdone by their female teammates.

Ellis Stanhope (16) and Louis Hayes (14) were back on the podium securing a Gold medal a piece  with Oliver Dennis (11), Noah Enticknap (13), Euan Terry (14) & Aiden McMillan (15) all securing fine 4th places. Eddie Hammond (15) & Ben Strebel (14) pushed hard for 6th places and Zac Raymond & Christopher Lee swam well to grab 7th. Caiden Hibbert, Tom Creasey, Thiago Gentles, Macauley Johnston, Ben Channon and Teddy Wallace also swam well in their respective age groups.

The girls 100m breaststroke saw stunning performances from the Sevenoaks girls with Medals won in every age group:  Alyze Gentle (11), Eva Okaro (12), Imogen Stoddart (13) and Maddie Glen (15) were crowned Kent Champions and Gold medallists. There were two Bronze medallists in the form of Abigail Saunders (11) and Emily Brown (12) while Kara Dimond (13) finished in 4th place. Ellie Vowell (15) and Izabella Okaro were more medallists managing great 5th places with Jessica Harmer (11) Martha Roberts (12) Holli Gushlow (13) Megan Marter (14) and Sarah Williams (16) all finishing in 6th place. Finally, in the 17/over Amy Farthing added to her medal tally coming home in 7th.  Great swims in the heats came from Poppy Holmes (16), Olivia Chapman & Issy Tyler (15), Katie Vowell, Kitty Fisher, Millie Childs Eleanor Allen and Ruby Jarrett (14), Elspeth Watson & Betty Simpson (13) Daisy McMillan, Sami Das & Millie Armstrong (12) and finally Fern Gray and Amelia Tovey (11).

The afternoon session was again awash with excellent swimming, times and effort from the Sevenoaks competitors.

The boy’s 100m freestyle final event in the 14 yrs saw 3 Sevenoaks swimmers make the final, Hayes & Strebel coming 1st & 5th respectively with a great effort also being made by Zac Raymond coming 7th. Ellis Stanhope stormed home to a fine Silver in the 16 yrs with Oliver Dennis (11) & Joseph Box (12) finishing well for 5th places. Tom Creasey and Jaedon Lynch battled it out in the 13 yrs with Creasey finishing in 6th and Lynch in 7th. Eddie Hammond was the only 15yr old finalist and swam well for 6th place.

In the heats Jonny Vowell, Macaulay Johnston, Seamus Hamilton, Caiden Hibbert, Thiago Gentles, Jacob Hudson, Dillon Bentley & Euan Terry all swam well along with Aiden McMillan, Oscar Wilson, Ollie Coote, Edward Wallace, Ben Channon and Chris Lee.


Final races of the day saw the girls back in the pool for the punishing 200 breast, arguably the toughest race, not that it bothered the girls… Eva was back on the podium joined by Holli Gushlow (13) to collect their Gold medals joined by Abigail Saunders (11) and Sarah Williams (16) both winning fantastic Silvers. Maddie Glen and Imogen Stoddart stormed home for their Bronze medals and Amy finished in 4th. Izabella Okaro added more medals to her growing collection by finishing in 5th, a feat replicated by Alyze Gentles. Both Katie Vowell and Kara Dimond swam strong races for 6th and 7th respectively and Martha Roberts (12) showed her strength for an 8th place.

Great Pb’s and strong swims were also produced in the heats by Daisy McMillan, Millie Armstrong, Emily Brown, Elspeth Watson, Betty Simpson, Megan Marter, Millie Childs, Eleanor Allen and Issy Tyler… Well done girls!

The final medal tally at the end of the weekend saw Sevenoaks’ superb swimmers win 16 Golds, 3 Silver, 6 Bronze and an astonishing 53 finalist medals!

Competitive Development

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Sunday, 22 September 2019 00:00
12-15 yrs (guidance only)
Lead Coach : Ross Hunter
The main objective of this squad is to prepare swimmers for the pathway into either Age Group Development, Age Group Performance or Youth Development. The program will continue to prioritise quality skills across all four strokes as well as aerobic development.
The squad is primarily aimed at swimmers who possess competitive aspirations but are not yet at the appropriate developmental stage or prepared to make the necessary commitment to Age Group Development or Age Group Performance. This squad is ideal for individuals who enjoy a number of activities with commitments outside of swimming.
Swimmers must have shown, and continue to show, a commitment to working on improving their technical, aerobic and racing abilities by attending training on a regular basis.
Swim Meets
Swimmers are expected to and MUST compete at the following events : Club Championships, County Championships, Arena League, Tudor League, Kent Junior League.
Swimmers are actively discouraged from competing in events not on the Club/Squad Competition Calendar without the express permission from their squad lead coach.
Training Attendance
Swimmers MUST maintain pool training sessions together with 1 S&C land-based session as advised by the squad coach.
Training Performance & Expectations
Individuals must be committed to a positive work ethic, to being punctual and to maintain performance levels at all sessions.
Swimmers are expected to accept personal responsibility for competition performance together with feedback on all aspects of training.
Swimmers are also expected to uphold and maintain respect for other Club members, coaches, volunteers, officials, other pool and facility users and the facilities themselves in abidance with the Club “code of conduct”. Every swimmer should understand that they are representative of and act as ambassadors for the Club.
Swimmers are required to attend regular pool-based sessions as advised by the squad coach. Please note that land training sessions are looking to be added onto the squad schedule. Swimmers are required to represent and be available as required for Sevenoaks Swimming Club team events, swimming at multiple levels of competition and squad selection as programmed by the Head Coach. Sevenoaks Swimming Club kit must be always be worn in attendance at competitions unless otherwise advised.



Sevenoaks continued their fine form at the weekend as the Kent Championships 2018 got well under way with the 200m and 100m events in Fly and Breaststroke for the boys and Backstroke and Free for the girls.

Starting proceedings on Saturday were the boys in their quest for glory in the 100m fly. First off to a ‘flying’ start were the youngsters, Oliver Dennis, Thomas Johnston (11) and Max (10) with Oliver qualifying being the first to qualify for the finals, shortly followed by Joseph Box (12) Jaedon Lynch & Caiden Hibbert (13), Euan Terry, Louis Hayes and Ben Strebel (14), Oscar Wilson & Aiden McMillan (15) and finally Nathan Rodrigues and Ellis Stanhope (16).  Oliver swam well in his inaugural final for 8th place in the 10/11yrs, Joseph Box fought hard for 6th place, a feat replicated by Jaedon with Caiden finishing in 8th. Ben battled hard for 5th with Euan following in 6th and Louis bagging yet another Gold medal in the 14 yrs category. Shortly after came the 15 yrs final and Aiden matched last weeks’ medals grabbing another Silver with Oscar battling hard for 6th. Then Nathan and Ellis went head to head with Nathan bringing home the Silver medal and Ellis 4th.  Finally, Chris Cheng managed a deserved 5th place in the 17/over age group. Superb performances in the heats also came from Josh Wood, William Jarrett, Max Cooper and Macauley Johnston (12), Jacob Hudson (14), Oliver Coote & Eddie Hammond (15), Teddy Wallace (16), George Tyler & Chris Lee (17).

Next came the turn of the girls with the 200m Backstroke. Starting the medal haul for the girls was 11 yr old Jessica Harmer who managed a Silver with Alyze Gentles finishing well in 5th.  Millie Armstrong added to the medal haul with a Silver in the 12yrs age group, with Eva Okaro and twin sister Izabella finishing in 5th & 7th. Elspeth Watson and Imogen Stoddart (13) battled strongly and were rewarded with Silver and Bronze respectively. Adding to the Silver medals was Millie Childs (14) with Katie Vowell, Daisy Widdowson & Lillie Chambers bagging 6th, 7th & 8th in the same age group. Next up were the 15 yr olds with sole competitor, Jasmine Wallace, finishing superbly in 6th place. The only 16yr old competing was Emma Evans-Wilson who battled hard throughout and finished strongly for 4th place.

Swimming well in the heats were Abigail Saunders (11) Samriddhi Das, Daisy McMillan Ella Wood and Emily Brown (12) & Charlotte Prideaux (14). Finally, in the 17/over Amy Farthing finished in a well-deserved 5th place.


The second session of the day got underway with the boys gruelling 200m butterfly.  Tough youngster Oliver Dennis kicked off the proceedings again with a fabulous 6th place. In the 12 yrs Macauley Johnston also swam well and managed a well-deserved 5th with William Jarrett finishing in 8th.  Jaedon Lynch and Caiden Hibbert (13) were back in the pool and finished 6th & 7th and Noah Enticknap 10th with Ben Strebel & Euan Terry finishing in 5th & 6th in the 14 yrs age group. Aiden McMillan was the only 15yrs entry for Sevenoaks and made it count by adding a Bronze medal to his haul. Finally, Ellis Stanhope (16) was back battling it out for the medals, this time he showed true class and finished victorious with a Gold Medal and Junior Champion Cup too.

Finally, after a long day, the girls headed to the starting blocks for the 100m backstroke and with Jessica Harmer (11) swimming brilliantly to win Silver and Alyze Gentles gained 4th place. In the 12yrs category we had 4 swimmers qualify for the final, with Millie Armstrong and Eva Okaro bagging Silver and bronze medals with Isla Murphy and Izabella Okaro finishing in 5th & 6th.   In the 13 yrs Imogen Stoddart and Elspeth gained fabulous Silver and Bronze and in the 14 yrs the battle was between Katie Vowell, Daisy Widdowson and Millie Childs with Millie bagging the Silver and Daisy and Katie finishing well in 7th & 8th place. Jazzy Wallace was the only finalist for the 15 yrs along with Emma Evans-Wilson in the 16yrs in the 17/over with Emma winning a wonderful Bronze and Jazzy 8th.  and Amy Farthing 6th.

Excellent swims were posted by Valentina Groves & Abigail Saunders (11), Sami Das, Emily Brown, Daisy McMillan, Ella Wood & Martha Roberts (12), Lillie Chambers and Charlotte Prideaux (14), Beth Hook (16) & Phoebe Brockington (17).




Sunday commenced with the boys 100m Breaststroke.  The heats started with Johnny Vowell, Zach Loder (11) & Jacob Crombie (10) all swimming well in the 10/11 yrs. William Jarrett, Zach Howard, Macauley Johnston, Josh Wood & Josh Crombie all swam well in the 12 yrs with Albert Whitlock and Seamus Hamilton qualifying for the finals. Thiago Gentles also produced a great swim in the 13 yrs with Tom Creasey, Noah Enticknap and Jaedon Lynch bagging places in the final.  In the 14 yrs Noah Saunders, Dillon Bentley, Euan Terry & Ben Strebel produced good swims along with Zac Raymond, Louis Hayes & Jacob Hudson swimming their way to the finals. In the 15 yr age group, Robert Allen & Aiden McMillan swam well with Eddie Hammond, Oscar Wilson and Ollie Coote all bagging a place in the finals. Dominic Percy, Ellis Stanhope & George Tyler, Sevenoaks’ only 16 & 17 yr old breaststrokers, also swam well with Dom & George gaining places in the finals.

In the finals Seamus and Albert battled hard with Seamus gaining a Bronze and Albert a 4th place. Jaedon produced a strong finish to add another Bronze to the Sevenoaks tally with Noah and Tom finishing in 6th & 8th place. The 14yr old final finished with a battle for Gold and Silver between Jacob & Louis with Jacob pipping Louis to the Gold medal with a storming finish and Zac finishing in 8th place. Oscar, Ollie & Eddie battled it out in the 15 yrs, with Ollie winning the Silver medal, Oscar just missing out finishing in 4th and Eddie a strong 6th. Dom Percy (16) swam a great race & jumped a place to finish in a well-deserved 6th.  In the 17ys & over, a fantastic swim was produced by George, finishing in 5th place.

Next up were the girls in the 200m freestyle:

In the 10/11 yrs, Jessica Harmer won Gold with Alyze Gentles finishing in 5th. The twins were back battling it out in the 12yrs age group along with Millie Armstrong. Eva finished victorious with sister Izzy in 6th and Millie in 7th. In the 13yrs Eslpeth Watson bagged the Silver with Imogen 6th place, and Millie Childs finished 4th in the 14 yrs. Maddie Glen & Ellie Vowell had storming races in the15yrs with Maddie winning the Bronze medal and Ellie finishing in 8th. Finally, in the 17yrs & over Amy Farthing finished in 4th place.

The evening Session on Sunday commenced with the girls 100m freestyle with thefinals producing some outstanding results for the Sevenoaks swimmers. In the 10/11-year age group, three girls managed to qualify with the exciting race with Sevenoaks winning Gold for Jessica Harmer, 4th for Alyze Gentles and 7th for Amelia Tovey. The twins battled it out in the 12 yrs final with Eva Okaro winning Gold and the Silver going to sister Izabella.  Imogen Stoddart gained 4th in the 13yrs with Elspeth Watson finishing in 5th. In the 14-year-old category, Millie Childs finished in 5th while Lillie Chambers gained 7th place. In the 15 yrs Sevenoaks won the Silver with Zoe Naylor-Perrot, along with Maddy Glen and Ellie Vowell securing 5th & 8th respectively. In the 16 yrs Emma Wilson came a fabulous 8th.

Other performances of note included Abigail Saunders (11) Martha Roberts, Emily Brown, Sami Das, Millie Armstrong & Daisy McMillan (12), Holli Gushlow (13), Daisy Widdowson, Ruby Jarrett & Katie Vowell (14), Aoife Lauerman, Millie Lodge, Edith Norton & Laura Wright (15) and Phoebe Brockington (17.

Finally, the boys 200m breaststrokers were up in the pool. The races saw George Tyler producing an excellent swim securing Bronze medal in the 17 yrs and over. The 16-year olds Ellis Stanhope & Dom Percy posted excellent swims to manage a 4th & 8th place respectively and in the 15 year old event Oliver Coote, Oscar Wilson & Aiden McMillan made a great race with Coote securing another fine Silver, Wilson an excellent 4th and Aiden a great 6th place. In the 14 yrs Jacob Hudson stormed home for another Gold Medal with Jaedon Lynch (13) winning a fabulous Bronze and Noah Enticknap 5th and Tom Creasey 8th along with Albert Whitlock (12) finishing in 4th. Finally, in the 10/11yrs Johnny Vowell swam well to come home in 8th.

Excellent swims were also recorded by Macauley Johnston, Josh Wood, William Jarrett, Zach Howard (12), Thiago Gentles (13), Euan Terry, Ben Strebel, Noah Saunders & Dillon Bentley (14) & Robert Allen (15).

The final flourish of medals meant over the whole weekend Sevenoaks managed 8 Gold, 16 Silver, 10 Bronze and an astonishing 63 finalist medals. Well done all for a superb weekend of racing! 

The Kent Swimming Championships 2018 commenced this weekend with over 5,500 entries from swimmers over the County and 4,600 accepted entries. Kent is one of the largest swimming counties in England with some of the toughest qualifying times in the country.

For the past year, Sevenoaks swimmers have been seeking qualifying times in competitions, both National, Regional and local across the County and beyond. A new record has been set with over 100 Sevenoaks’ swimmers across all age groups achieving the required level and qualifying for over 700 races. Those aiming for glory in the longer events began their quest at Crystal Palace.

Saturday races consisted of the 400 IM and 400 free events with standout performances for the girls from Amy Farthing (20) and Eva Okaro winning the Gold and becoming Kent Champions along with a superb Silver for Elspeth Watson (12) in the Girls 400IM. In the same event Millie Armstrong (12) gained a 4th place, Holli Gushlow (13) and Sarah Williams (16) gained 6th places with Katie Vowell and Megan Marter (14) gaining 10th and 13th respectively.

In the 400m Freestyle, Amy was once again crowned Kent Champion and Gold medallist while Millie Childs (14) swam a brilliant race to gain a Silver. Eva Okaro (12) proved her metal and won Bronze and there were superb performances from Elsbeth Watson (13) and Maddie Glen (15) gaining 4th places, Izabella Okaro (12) came home in 5th place, Daisy McMillan (12) gained an excellent 6th while strong swims also came from Jasmine Wallace (15) and Lillie Chambers (14) both in 8th place along with Millie Armstrong (12) in 10th and Millie Lodge (15) in 12th.

Meanwhile for the boys Louis Hayes (14) won Gold and was crowned Kent Champion in both the 400 Freestyle and 400IM.  Ellis Stanhope (16) claimed a Silver in the 400m Freestyle and a Bronze in the 400m Individual Medley. Aiden McMillan pulled out an incredible PB to gain Silver in the 400 IM and a superb 4th place in the 400 Free. Also joining him for 4th place in the 400m Free were Nathan Rodrigues (16) and Oliver Denis (11). Other competitors also producing excellent swims in this event were Euan Terry (14) and Ethan Hunter (16) both coming home in 5th.  Ben Strebel (14), Noah Enticknap (13) and Macualay Johnston (12) produced good swims for 8th places and Jacob Hudson was 14th in the 14 yrs age group. In the 400 IM Jacob was back in the pool and gaining 6th place with Euan Terry (14) and  Oscar Wilson (15) swimming well to come 8th.  Eddie Hammond (15) finished strongly in 9th with Ben Strebel (14) & Robert Allen (15) both finishing well for 11th and 12th respectively.

Sunday was the long distance swims in the form of the boys 1500m and girls 800m freestyle races.

Amy Farthing added another Gold in the 800m event with Daisy McMillan swimming a brilliant race to finish in the Bronze medal place. Fabulous swims from Elspeth Watson and Millie Armstrong saw them gain 4th places, while Jasmine Wallace and Emma Evan-Wilson also swam great races for 8th and 7th places.

The boy’s gruelling 1500m race saw Ellis Stanhope grab another deserved Bronze medal and Aiden McMillan join him winning the Bronze after a huge PB. Euan Terry finished his successful weekend off with a great 4th with Noah Enticknap coming home in 5th and Ben Strebel a strong 7th.

Congratulations to Sevenoaks Water Polo members Chanté and Leané for being selected to play for Kent in the Under 19 yrs Girls team. Both girls have been attending additional training and have been working very hard. The girls will be playing against other counties in the South East Region over the weekend of the 20th and 21st January.

This continues on from Sevenoaks' water polo team's great achievement of getting 4 players into  Kent teams in 2017 after many years of no players being selected.

Ben McDonald - Junior water polo coach reports "it is great to see that these girls' hard work and determination at training has paid off.  They should be very proud of their achievement. It gives other Sevenoaks water polo players the  motivation to train hard with the belief that they may to be selected for Kent in future months"


Youth Development

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Saturday, 21 September 2019 00:00
13 yrs+ (guidance only)
Lead Coach : Paddy Ham
Youth Development’s objective is to create an environment for swimmers, who may not have yet reached the standard of the Performance Squads or do not want to make the commitment to them, where they can attend a friendly, engaging and motivating training program built around attending competitions.
The main training emphasis is based on the development of race skills in all four strokes, building fitness and strength and to guide swimmers to compete effectively at the Kent County Championships and Swim South East Regional Championships.
1x Kent County Championships Automatic Qualifying time and 2x Kent County Championships Consideration Qualifying time.
A clear and consistent commitment towards the squad’s program.
Swim Meets
Swimmers are expected to and MUST compete at the following events: Club Championships, County Championships, Regional Championships, Arena League, Tudor League, Kent Junior League.
Swimmers are actively discouraged from competing in events not on the Club/Squad Competition Calendar without the express permission from their squad lead coach.
Training Attendance
Swimmers MUST maintain pool training sessions together with 1 S&C land-based session as advised by the squad coach.
Training Performance & Expectations
Individuals must be committed to a positive work ethic, to being punctual and to maintain performance levels at all sessions.
Swimmers are expected to accept personal responsibility for competition performance together with feedback on all aspects of training.
Swimmers are also expected to uphold and maintain respect for other Club members, coaches, volunteers, officials, other pool and facility users and the facilities themselves in abidance with the Club “code of conduct”. Every swimmer should understand that they are representative of and act as ambassadors for the Club.
Swimmers from this squad are expected to act as mentors to younger swimmers within the Club.
Swimmers are required to attend weekly pool-based sessions and land-based training session as advised by the squad coach. Swimmers are required to represent and be available as required for Sevenoaks Swimming Club team events, swimming at multiple levels of competition and squad selection as programmed by the Head Coach. Sevenoaks Swimming Club kit must be always be worn in attendance at competitions unless otherwise advised.

Image credits

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Thursday, 14 December 2017 00:00

We utilise photographs taken of our own club members, in line with the ASA photographic guidelines.  In addition, we utilise amazing photos from other sources including Flickr under the Creative Commons license.

Other image credits are noted on their respective pages.

The Sevenoaks A Team swimmers were celebrating again this year before their Christmas break as they heard they had qualified for a second year for the prestigious National Arena League Final in Cardiff – last year they qualified for the first time in 100 years so to hear they had managed this feat for a consecutive year was a special moment.  An amazing achievement for this small town’s swimmers who will be pitching their talent against those from some of the biggest cities in the UK.

The final of the 3 rounds saw the A team once again face the same rivals as last year: Guildford City, City of Oxford, Thanet, Bromley and hosts Wycombe.

The night was full of anticipation with the Sevenoaks swimmers along with the crowds of supporters from each club turning up the volume to provide the electric atmosphere.

The relays, always exciting, gave opening opportunities for the swimmers to shine. The 9-11yrs girls and U15 girls freestyle as well as the U13 boys medley teams managed show stopping performances in order to win their respective races.

Next was the turn of the youngest age group 10/11 yrs girls backstroker Millie Armstrong with a comprehensive 1st place. Twins, Isabella and Eva Okaro were in superb form again this year, both winning their races in the (10/11yrs) 50m butterfly and 50m breaststroke with Eva also smashing the field in the 10/11 yrs 50m Freestyle.  Nathan Rodrigues once again proved his talent in the U15 100m freestyle where he has been unbeaten in all three rounds. Louis Hayes was also a winner for Sevenoaks in both the 100m U13 Fly and Freestyle races. With plenty at stake it was fabulous to see Jacob Hudson (U13 100m breaststroke) and Millie Childs (U13 100m backstroke) produce excellent swims to secure all important 2nd places and youngster Albert Whitlock pull off a great PB for a sound 3rd place in boys 10/11yrs 50m breaststroke.

Having watched the results tightening the final round of relays kicked off with a wonderful 1st place for the 10/11 yrs girls medley as well as the U13 boys freestyle relay.

Special mentions must go the following swimmers who produced stand out swims of the night:

Eva Okaro who swam one of the fastest swims ever recorded for an 11 yr old in 100m Fly in the Open Age group where her rival swimmers averaged age 17! 

Olly Coote (14) fresh from the B team, truly stepped up to the plate with an outstanding PB in U15 100m Breaststroke.

Zoe Naylor-Perrot (14) who swam 59.65 in U15 100m freestyle, her first-time sub 1 minute.

Overall results: 1st Guildford 222, 2nd Oxford 193, 3rd Wycombe 191, 4th Thanet 157, 5th Sevenoaks 153, 6th Bromley 132.


Meanwhile the B Team swimmers had a journey to Hastings for a night of exciting swimming in the final of the East Division against all A Team Clubs from Crawley, Maidstone, Chelmsford, Mid Sussex Marlins as well as the hosts Hastings.

With a very young team, aged predominantly 15 & under over the three galas, it was a huge achievement for them to gain a place in the final against such prestigious teams with almost all swimmers needing to swim up age groups. The youngest girls (9-11 yrs) once again proved themselves as formidable winning both the Freestyle and Medley relays with all 4 team members (Daisy McMillan, Samriddhi Das, Emily Brown and Isla Murphy) swimming strongly. Emily Brown also proved her metal in the 10/11yrs 50m Breaststroke race producing another win.

Amy Farthing and Hamish Wyatt, the only Open age swimmers swimming in the correct age group, proved their worth bringing in great results with second places for both:  Amy in the 200IM and Hamish (having travelled 5 hrs to race for Sevenoaks) showing he’s retained his skill in the 100m Breaststroke

Isla Murphy also stepped up to the plate along with Joshua Crombie to swim brilliantly for 2nd places in the 10/11 yrs 50m backstroke & 50m breaststroke respectively.

Both the U13 girls (Charlotte Prideaux, Holli Gushlow, Imogen Stoddart & Ruby Jarrett) and U13 boys (Tom Creasey, Dillon Bentley, Jaedon Lynch and Marcus Humphrey) relay teams managed fabulous swims to gain valuable points and great 3rd places for the team. Holli Gushlow also managed to swim a hard-fought race to gain an individual 3rd place in the U13 100m breaststroke along with Robert Allen (14) swimming in the U15 100m backstroke and Samriddhi Das who pulled out a wonderful PB in the girls 10/11 50m fly. Tom Creasey also dug deep and pulled out a great swim for a 12 yr old in the U13 100m backstroke.

With the above places and other strong swims from Ruby Jarrett and Dillon Bentley (both U13 100m Breaststroke) managed to secure us a finish one place up from last year. Although the team were hoping for an improvement on their ranking of 6th place, it was always going to be supremely difficult with such a young team up against seriously strong A team opposition, but the swimmers proved their worth with support and encouragement from parents and coaches (even coach Lewis Roberts dipped his toes back in the water for the men’s Open medley relay!).

Headcoach, Matt Smithhurst commented that the overriding quality shown by the swimmers was resilience. Some swimmers had only one race whereas others had up to 5 but, despite this, the teams stayed positive, came together and dug deep, race after race. Matt said, ‘In order to improve we need to sharpen our turn skills and takeovers on the relays but overall I’m hugely proud of all the swimmers in both the A & B teams and cannot wait to travel to Cardiff for the Finals. ‘


Synchronised routines place Sevenoaks in the medals

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017 00:00

On Sunday 12th November, the Sevenoaks Sychronised Swimming team had an amazing day at the Kent Finals in Canterbury, with nearly everyone on the team coming away with a medal.

Synchronised Swimming is scored similarly to gymnastics in that points are awarded for technical difficulty, as well as artistic impression, with varying points gained depending on whether it is an individual routine or a group. In the group routines, the more in the team the higher the points awarded due to the difficulty in synchronicity.

For individual figures, in the novice category, Lena Saunders performed superbly and won the gold as a result with a bronze for Sayaka Soga, astonishing as both girls have only been swimming with Sevenoaks Swimming Club for less than a year. In Grade zero, Maelle Fontaine in the under-12’s produced a strong performance and received a bronze medal and Sophia McInnes in 13-18 age group bringing home the gold with Eden Dyer getting the bronze, both executing their routines with aplomb. In Grade 1, Maisie Wright and Aruni Meedeniva achieved silver and bronze respectively with wonderful executions and in Grade 2, Katie Henderson was also superb and won the bronze.  The icing on the cake for the individuals was Sophia McInnes winning the trophy for best newcomer in Kent.

For the first time ever, Sevenoaks Swimming Club had entered three routines, each team swimming to music for three minutes. The under-12 team produced an accomplished performance and were delighted with their bronze medal and their highest score of the season with 45.79 points, losing to Hythe Aqua by only 7.5 points. The team consisted of Amelia Bell, Amy Cameron, Lucy Sadler, Katie Thomas, Angelina Bezuidenhout, Isabelle Thompson, Lena Saunders, Fleur Kirk and Sayaka Soga.

The 13-15 years team are a bit more experienced; they were delighted with their performance and were rightly awarded with the gold medal and a score of 50.03, higher than their score at the regionals earlier in thee season. The team were Eden Dyer, Emilie Williams, Esme Allford, Maelle Fontaine, Sophia McInnes and Tiia Lahdelma.

The oldest team, in the 15-18 age group, worked hard to pull off a great routine but sadly only placed 4th, against some stiff competition from Erith and District, Medway Mermaids and Hythe Aqua, but with their highest score of the season with 52.86 points, they should be deservedly proud! The team consisted of Abbie Mellor, Edie Coomer, Katie Henderson, Aruni Meedeniya and Maisie Wright.

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